Ahead of Apple’s $3k headset, only 4% of teens who own a VR device actually use it

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Apple’s mixed reality plans may include both xrOS and realityOS

A new study released by Piper Sandler reveals how teens feel about virtual reality. The data is interesting as we’re moving closer to Apple unveiling its first mixed-reality headset with a premium price. While Apple is expected to aim its first headset at developers and professionals, the lack of interest from the teen demographic – who already have a VR device – could foreshadow a challenge for adoption.

Reported by CNBC, the new AR survey by Piper Sandler got feedback from 5,600 teens. 29% of the teens identified as already owning VR hardware but just 4% of them said they use it daily. And only 14% of them said they use their VR device weekly.

Another piece of data from the study, teens are not excited about future AR/VR devices. Looking forward, only 7% of them “said they planned to purchase a headset, versus 52% of teens polled who were unsure or uninterested.” That suggests those who already own VR hardware aren’t impressed and many who haven’t tried it don’t really care to.

With AR/VR failing to captivate the young users, Apple, Meta, and more could face a lot of work to figure out compelling use cases to drive widespread adoption.

The state of AR/VR

Notably, last month, Meta cut the price of its Quest 2 and Pro VR headsets after a tough 2022 that saw its Reality Labs division lose a massive $13.7 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, Apple is working on its first mixed reality headset that could be unveiled as soon as WWDC 2023 in June.

While Meta’s Quest 2 now goes for under $500, Apple’s Reality Pro headset is expected to be priced far into the premium territory ~$3,000. But unlike Meta, Apple is expected to go after developers and professionals with its first headset. That could help it build enticing use cases, but as Piper Sandler points out in its study, we’re still in the “early days” of AR/VR.

Ahead of WWDC when we could see Apple announce the Reality Pro headset, check out our in-depth coverage:

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