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Apple's senior sales executive leaving the company soon

Apple has been losing some key executives recently, and now the company is about to lose Doug Beck. The senior sales executive is leaving Apple for a role at the US Defense Department, according to a Bloomberg report on Tuesday.

Doug Beck to leave Apple soon

The news was confirmed by the US Defense Department itself, which praised Beck for his nearly 15 years of work at Apple. The executive joined Apple in 2009 and has since reported directly to CEO Tim Cook. During that time, Beck was responsible for co-leading Apple’s global business, as well as previously managing the company’s business in Asia and the Americas.

Also according to the US Defense Department, Beck has “over fifteen years of experience living and working across Asia, including in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Indonesia.” Prior to working at Apple, Beck served as a captain in the US Navy Reserve in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Apple said in a statement that it “support[s] Doug’s public service and wish[es] him all the best.” As noted by the report, Beck was one of “fewer than 20 executives” who reported directly to Tim Cook. But of course, his departure represents another big loss for the company, which has lost executives in several areas such as industrial design, hardware and software engineering, and sales in recent months.

Another Apple executive, Michael Abbott, who was responsible for iCloud and other Apple online services like FaceTime and iMessage, has announced that he’s leaving the company later this month. This comes after Peter Stern, Apple’s vice president of services, also announced his plans to leave the company.

Apple to eliminate roles in its corporate retail teams

Apple Park

While some executives are leaving Apple on their own, others will soon lose their jobs. Despite efforts to avoid mass layoffs, Apple is about to cut some roles from its corporate retail teams. Even though the number of layoffs is reportedly “small,” it shows that even Apple has been affected by the current global economic situation.

In the last fiscal quarter, the company had 164,000 employees.

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