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Lock Socket Review: Effective charger loss prevention

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Lock Socket is a convenient and durable solution to lock down your expensive Apple charger, and keep the source of power for your iPhone and iPad secure.

Each type of charger lock aptly conforms to the dimensions of each block, allowing minimal wiggle room and allowing the cable to fit through. Fitting on standard or Decora wall plates, the seamless white color blends in nicely with its environment.

The setup for the Lock Socket is simple, with each bag coming with everything you need to install it onto your outlet.

First, plug your cable into the charger brick and thread it through the matching Lock Socket. Then, snap the Lock Socket into place onto the charging brick and remove the screw on your wall plate. Afterward, screw the lock into the wall plate with the given Allen wrench.

It’s a quick setup, but unfortunately, the Lock Socket can prevent using the other outlet. Additionally, we found that the USB-A 12W iPad charger cube is too large for the wall plate used in our 1950s-era home. Luckily, This charger isn’t used too frequently anymore in place of the USB-C fast charger brick.

As can be seen, the screw slot for the Lock Socket overlaps with the other outlet. May be an issue depending on the size of the wall plate.

For household use, we found the Lock Socket to be most beneficial for those places where you always have a charger in place or where you wouldn’t want guests or friends to “borrow” it. On a similar note, we could see this being an excellent investment for business owners; cafes and offices alike could benefit from having their complimentary chargers locked in place for both convenience and loss prevention.

As for durability, the Locks screw and plastic hold pretty well, and if someone were to trip over the Lock Socket or a charger cable, it wouldn’t break or let the charger out of place. We think that the Lock Socket would be helpful in pet or child-proofing a house, limiting smaller and more curious lifeforms from getting themselves hurt or unplugging chargers.

Simple, practical, and saves money

For under $20, the Lock Socket is a good investment for saving more expensive charging blocks and cables from being lost or stolen. Its simple setup, minimal design, and compatibility with official Apple charging blocks make it a convenient choice for many different people, even with its tradeoffs of minimizing wall plate space. Overall, the Lock Socket is a practical and reliable solution for those looking to keep their chargers secure and in place.

  • Simple setup with all necessary tools included in the bag.
  • Convenient and secure solution for preventing theft or misplacement of chargers.
  • Durable and can withstand accidental impact or tripping over the charger cable.
  • The Lock Socket only works with specific types of chargers, limiting its versatility.
  • 12W iPad charger lock can be too large for some wall plates.

The Lock Socket is available on Amazon:

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