Apple Pay Later ‘early access’ rollout moving slowly, here’s how to know if you’re included

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Apple Pay Later 'early access' rollout moving slowly, here's how to know if you're included

Last week, Apple announced that it was beginning to roll out its new Apple Pay Later financing service to the first customers. This rollout appears to be progressing incredibly slowly, and only today have we received our first reader report of someone actually being invited to try Apple Pay Later…

As shared by developer Dylan McDonald on Twitter, Apple Pay Later invites are slowly rolling out. When you’re chosen to participate, you’ll receive an email from Apple in which the company explains how the feature works and offers you “early access” to try it out.

Get early access to a prerelease version of Apple Pay Later, and start spreading purchases over four smaller payments, with no interest or fees. Available online and in apps where Apple Pay is accepted with iPhone or iPad.

Applying for Apple Pay Later is easy. Be sure you’ve updated to the latest iOS or iPadOS — then head to Wallet, tap +, and choose Apple Pay Later. Request an amount to spend and, if approved, you’ll see the Pay Later option behind the Apple Pay button at checkout.

If you receive this “early access” email from Apple, you can head to the Wallet app on your iPhone to start the application process. Appel Pay Later allows customers in the United States to split purchases into four equal payments across six weeks, with no fees or interest. The feature is available anywhere Apple Pay is accepted online or in-app.

Have you gotten early access to Apple Pay Later yet? If so, have you given it a try? What are your first impressions? Let us know in the comments.

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