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CIRP has shared its latest study today that’s based around the question, how fast would you repair or replace a broken, lost, or stolen iPhone, iPad, or Mac? Here’s what the results revealed with most responses ranging from “immediately” to “within a month.” We’ve also included a poll so you can share what you would do.

CIRP published the new report on its Substack this morning noting that unsurprisingly, iPhone ranked as the most important compared to iPad and Mac. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see real-world responses about how fast people would repair the different devices.

For iPhone, 45% of users said they would repair or replace it “immediately – same day.” Both iPad and Mac only saw 27% of people say the same.

79% of users said they would either fix their iPhone immediately or “within a day or two.” And when including “within a week,” that number jumped to 94%.

For iPad, 80% of respondents said they’d fix or replace it within a week or sooner, and for Mac, that metric was a bit higher at 86%.

A small fraction of users said they’d either wait more than a month or never get their device repaired or replaced with CIRP noting those results highlighting how essential all of Apple’s hero devices have become to users.

Here’s the full breakdown:

How fast replace iPhone, iPad, Mac broken, lost, stolen

Timing to repair or replace a lost, stolen, or broken device (twelve months ending December 2022)

What about you?

How quickly would you fix or replace your Apple devices? Share in the three polls below!

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