Belkin MagSafe Power Bank now comes in a fresh new purple look

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Belkin MagSafe Power Bank now comes in a fresh new purple look

Last month, Belkin refreshed some of its latest MagSafe power banks with some new spring colors, and today we’re taking a hands-on look. Ready to refresh your iPhone 14 through the new season and beyond, this portable power pack arrives in new purple or pink designs. Complete with a fold out kickstand and MagSafe support, we’re seeing just how fresh these new releases are.

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Hands-on with Belkin’s new MagSafe Power Bank styles

Hitting the scene under a month ago, Belkin’s latest isn’t an entirely new release, but a refresh of an existing favorite. The Boost↑Charge Wireless Power Bank arrives out of the box with a 5,000mAh internal battery as well as MagSafe charging tech that makes it a compelling solution for iPhone 14 handsets, as well as previous-generation 12 and 13 series smartphones.

Though the form-factor is really the biggest update this time around. The plastic shell that houses all of the charging tech originally just came in a black or white style, but has now been given some love with some spring appropriate colors. Now available in purple and pink colorways, each of the builds are complemented by a metal kickstand that pops out to prop up your device. Now available for purchase at $49.99 each, we’re taking a hands-on look at just what you and your iPhone 14 get with the experience.

Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet:

  • Achieve a quick magnetic power boost for your Apple iPhone. Align this portable charger power bank to your iPhone every time thanks to MagSafe compatibility 
  • With a capacity of 2500 mAh, this battery pack provides an iPhone 14 a quick boost up of to 25% power in 50 minutes 
  • Our portable chargers are designed with durability and portability in mind. A slim, portable design allows you to easily slip the power bank into your purse or pocket 
  • This portable charger features an innovative pop-up stand show that you can continue to scroll and stream videos as you charge 
  • A built-in LED light tells you the power bank’s status, so you always know when it’s time to recharge

9to5Toys’ Take

Belkin’s latest MagSafe Power Bank has been living in my everyday carry for the past week or so, and I’ve grown quite fond of its looks and form-factor. The company sent over one of the new purple offerings, which full embodies that spirit of a spring refresh.

Belkin MagSafe Power Bank

Starting with that color, I love just how vibrant the Boost↑Charge is. Brands actually releasing products with a bit more life and charm to them is something I’ve written home about many times in the past, and I am happy to see employed by Belkin. It’s great to see the company stray from the usual black and white designs that dominate the accessory market, ultimately releasing some chargers that look just as good as they function.

Another aspect of the form-factor that I’ve really been loving is the two-tone build. Alongside the hard plastic shell on the back, Belkin as lined the inside with a soft rubber lining that adds some extra padding to keep your handset protected. It also ensures that your iPhone won’t slide around at all while in-hand, or propping up your handset with the included kickstand.

To help with that, the MagSafe magnet array is also one of the stronger inclusions on the market. Any kind of MagSafe accessory can be a mixed bag when it comes to how well it sticks to your iPhone, but Belkin has really delivered. The power bank being anchored in place not only helps with peace of mind, but also leads to a more comfortable experience when holding your smartphone as it recharges. Much like the rubber keeps it from swaying from side to side, the strong magnetic force means you can grip the assembly from just the battery without fear that your iPhone will fall off.

Belkin MagSafe Power Bank

Belkin’s Boost↑Charge power bank also features one of the best kickstands on the market. Its metal design is not only sturdier than many of the solutions I’ve used in the past, but also stays in place better while not in use. There’s a very satisfying click when opening or closing the kickstand, helping secure it in place better than some alternatives that rely on magnets.

It may be on the thicker side compared to some of the other MagSafe power banks that I’ve tried out, but that doesn’t stop me from recommending it. As of now, it’s my favorite kickstand portable charger, and continue to be a go-to this spring and beyond as I find myself watching Mets games out and about. The stand functionality has already come in handy for that, and the extra 5,000mAh of juice makes the $50 price tag worth the cash.

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