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iPhone 14 depreciation vs Galaxy S23 vs Pixel 7

A new report has detailed the depreciation across Apple, Samsung, and Google’s flagship smartphones. Like in the past, the current iPhone lineup retained the most value with Samsung’s new S23 lineup averaging 40% lower resale prices and Google Pixel 7 devices 48% weaker than the iPhone 14 average prices. Follow along for all the details including which iPhone, Samsung, and Pixel models retained the most value and more.

The new report comes from sellcell. The company looked at depreciation data for the whole iPhone 14 lineup, the new Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup, and the Pixel 7 lineup.

While the iPhone 14 and Pixel 7 devices have been available for about half a year, the one and two-month depreciation timeframes were picked as the Samsung Galaxy S23 series just arrived in February.

iPhone 14, Galaxy S23, and Pixel 7 depreciation compared

For the average depreciation across the smartphone lineups (in “Like New” condition), the latest iPhones saw a drop in value of 32.3% in the first month compared to 41.1 and 43.1% for the Galaxy S23 and Pixel 7 device averages, respectively.

After two months, the study found iPhone values actually improved, while Galaxy and Pixel values continued to decline.

The two-month comparison showed iPhones lost 31% of value compared to 43.3 and 45.9% for the Galaxy S23 and Pixel 7 device averages.

The report also revealed the depreciation for each specific iPhone 14, Galaxy S23, and Pixel 7 model for the one and two-month periods in “Like New” and “Good” conditions.

Among the iPhone 14 devices, the 14 Pro Max 128GB in like new condition had a very impressive depreciation of just 13.6% after two months.

The Galaxy phone that saw the least depreciation was the S23 Plus 256GB at 36.4% and the Google device that saw the least drop in value was the Pixel 7 Pro 128GB at 39.4% depreciation.

While the iPhone 14 lineup held onto value much better than the competition, the report highlights that the iPhone 13 lineup did even better – only losing an average of 23.4% of value after two months compared to the 31% that that iPhone 14 lineup averaged.

Check out more details in the full report from sellcell.

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