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TP-Link launches smart plug with energy monitoring

One of the first products to hit the market with Matter support was a smart plug from TP-Link, and now the brand is introducing a new version with energy monitoring.

Available starting today, TP-Link is launching the KP125MP, a new smart plug that is Matter-compatible. This means that you can set up the plug using the Google Home app or other Matter-compatible apps, but the latter does limit the functionality. Using a Matter app only allows for turning the plug on or off.

Matter also allows the plug to work over a local network rather than solely over the internet. This means the plug can work on your local network even if the internet is out.

The KP125M provides smooth LAN control, ensuring effective communication directly between devices, even if the home internet goes offline.

What makes this plug stand out, though, is what it can do in TP-Link’s Kasa app.

On top of scheduling through the Kasa app, the plug can track the energy used by whatever is plugged into it. This includes not only reports but also the ability to turn the plug off when a certain amount of power has been used.

The plug is, of course, compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit (Siri).

Pricing for the TP-Link KP125MP energy monitoring smart plug starts at $19.99 for a single unit. TP-Link is selling the plug in packs of two ($39.99) and four, where you get a $10 discount ($69.99).

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