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BLUETTI's Easter sale promises loads of deals on power stations

Easter is mere days away and BLUETTI is celebrating the holiday the best way it knows how – with another massive sale on some of its most popular portable power stations. Check out all the deals below to see which is the best BLUETTI product for you. Who knows, there may be an Easter egg or two in this lineup.

BLUETTI’s last sale springs up for Easter

As the spring season greens all around us, BLUETTI continues its quest to deliver a sustainable future using its eco-friendly energy storage solutions that offer peace of mind at home, light, portable power on the go, and the solar technology to keep them running without the grid.

Whether you’re celebrating the upcoming holiday or not, there’s no better time to take advantage of this BLUETTI sale because – just like the Easter bunny – these deals will come and go before you know it.

For a limited time, you can chase these discounted prices on home battery backup systems, like the AC300 + B300 Combo. Check it out.


The AC300 has staked its claim as a mainstay in BLUETTI’s lineup as the company’s first 100% modular model. Combined with BLUETTI’s B300 expansion battery, this combo delivers a 3,072 Wh capacity out of the gate, but can be expanded with additional packs to offer a whopping 12,288 Wh.

The AC300’s own 3,000-watt pure wave sine inverter can handle most power needs wherever you are – whether it’s a long distance trip in your RV, making DIY Easter decorations in your workshop, or powering your tools and speaker while doing your spring gardening.

In honor of its Easter sale, BLUETTI is offering hundreds of dollars off the AC300 + B300 combo. Better still, you can add a new folding trolley for easier transportation for just $99. For another $599, BLUETTI will include a PV350 solar panel, or you can add a PV420 panel for $699.

The AC500 + B300S Combo brings even more power

As a newer modular solar generator compared to the model mentioned above, BLUETTI’s AC500 + B300S Combo packs even more energy storage into a relatively small footprint. Combined with BLUETTI’s B300S battery packs that are equipped with the latest LiFePO4 battery cell technology, the AC500 can store up to 18,432 Wh and withstand over 3,500 charge cycles before reaching 80% of its original capacity.

With the AC500, you’re not only signing up for tremendous modular power but trusted longevity in BLUETTI’s products. Did we mention lightning-fast recharge speeds too? Simply plug into any AC outlet and the AC500’s max input rate of 8,000 watts will send the solar generator roaring back from 0% to an 80% state of charge within a single hour.

Whether you’re away on spring break or taking a camping trip to see the hills bloom, the UPS function ensures a consistent backup power supply in case of any power outages while you’re gone. Much like the AC300, BLUETTI is shaving hundreds of dollars off the AC500 + B300S Combo during its Easter sale and is also offering the opportunity to add a PV350 solar panel for just $399 extra.


The EB3A and EB70S are small and speedy like a bunny

Perhaps you keep your AC300 or AC500 at home to ensure your refrigerator and fish tank keep running while you’re gone, but you still want some portable green energy during your trip. Don’t worry, BLUETTI has ultra-portable options like the EB3A and EB70S that are small enough to fit in an Easter basket, and both are more affordable than ever during this BLUETTI sale.

As an entry-level portable power station, BLUETTI’s EB3A remains as capable as it is compact. Its 268 Wh capacity, 600 watt output power, and wide range of outputs will ensure your laptop, mini fridge, tools, or projector keep running for hours while you’re out and about enjoying the spring weather.

The station supports 430-watt dual charging using its AC and solar inputs, helping it replenish to 80% in 30 minutes and 100% in 45 minutes. Add a BLUETTI PV120 or PV200 solar panel to your purchase and you can gather virtually unlimited, easily accessible solar power. Get your EB3A today during BLUETTI’s Easter Sale.

If you’re looking for other portable power with an emphasis on “power,” BLUETTI’s EB70S has been celebrated by outdoor enthusiasts for years. With 700 watts of continuous output, the portable power station delivers a bit more juice than the EB3A but at a price that has become more affordable than other competitors on the market… and that’s before taking into account BLUETTI’s Easter sale price. You can get yourself an EB70S today for only $519 when you use promo code EasterEB70S.

Check out deals on the AC200MAX and AC200P

Like Easter is for many children looking to score a bunch of candy this spring, the AC200MAX remains BLUETTI’s most popular product to date. This portable power station offers more energy capacity than the “EB” models mentioned above but at the same level of affordability BLUETTI consistently strives to deliver to its customers.

Whether it’s at home or out exploring, the AC200MAX delivers power wherever you are and can be expanded using BLUETTI’s B230 battery packs. No matter where you are, the BLUETTI app allows you to control and monitor your power station using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and the station itself offers seven different methods to recharge it.

BLUETTI shared that any AC200MAX purchases made during its Easter Sale afford customers the option to add a PV200 solar panel for $299, a PV350 for $599, or a PV420 panel for $699.

Another solid option is BLUETTI’s AC200P – its flagship model that helped put the company on the map. The AC200P comes with a 2,000 Wh capacity and 2,000 watts of continuous power output to support a myriad of different energy applications. Stack on one of BLUETTI’s B230 or B300 expansion batteries to bolster your available storage capacity and become even more energy self-sufficient.

During its Easter Sale, BLUETTI is throwing in a free P090D to XT90 cable with all AC200P + B300 orders.

BLUETTI’s Easter sale includes all solar panels as well

We mentioned that the package deals can add solar panels to many of the BLUETTI products mentioned above, but the company’s Easter sale also includes discounts on the panels themselves. The more you buy, the more you save.

Whether it’s the PV120, PV200, PV350, or top-tier PV420, these panels consist of monocrystalline solar cells and multi-layered ETFE that ensure better light transmittance, higher efficiency, and a longer lifespan. The panels also deliver a 23.4% conversion rate, allowing the connected BLUETTI power systems to pull from them consistently as needed, providing unlimited sustainable power.

BLUETTI customers can enjoy a 7% discount when purchasing any two solar panels and 10% off when purchasing three.

The AC200P

Hop on over to BLUETTI’s Easter sale before it ends

With Easter fast approaching, BLUETTI’s sale is certain to only last a limited time. All the more reason to head over to the company’s sale page and find the best deal for you and your energy needs. Enjoy!

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