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Must-have iPhone 14 & 14 Pro Accessories

The iPhone 14 lineup has been out for almost six months now. After using it for a while, I’ve come to realize that the right accessories can greatly enhance my user experience; from protecting my phone to extending its battery life, the right accessories can make all the difference. I wanted to share some of my favorite iPhone 14 and 14 Pro accessories that are now must-haves in my daily carry!

Before we begin, I want to mention that most of these accessories will work with the iPhone 12 line up and newer. I also wanted to say that most of my testing and use cases of these accessories have been used with the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Now lets get into it!

First on the list is the Pitaka MagEz case. This sleek and lightweight case not only provides protection for your iPhone, but also features magnetic technology that allows for easy attachment to other MagEz products such as car mounts and wireless charging pads. What I love about this case is that it is still extremely thin at just 0.8mm, but still includes additional MagSafe magnets to increase the connection point to other MagSafe accessories. It is ridged, provides great protection and is lightweight. Right now they are including their MagEZ grip for free, with a purchase of their case!

Next up are the Mkeke cases, a more affordable option for those looking for basic phone protection without sacrificing style. I recently reviewed these and fell in love with their silicon cases. They are nearly identical to the $50 Apple Silicon Cases but at less than half the price. It is grippy and thin, comes in over eight colors, and has a nice microfiber lining to protect your iPhone. For $16, it’s hard to go wrong.

MagSafe wallets – Moft & ESR

I have been a heavy adopter of MagSafe wallets, specifically multi-functional wallets. The first wallet I want to bring up is the Moft MagSafe Wallet Stand. This wallet has been amazing for me. It is made out of vegan leather, can fit up to four, maybe five, cards and also acts as a stand. You can fold down the wallet to give you a portrait stand, and then you can turn the iPhone for a landscape view. I love accessories that are multi-purpose, and this Moft wallet is worth every penny.

ESR’s wallet is very similar to what Moft provides. It is a multi-purpose stand and wallet, but what I like about the ESR wallet is the hinge it uses. The stiff hinge allows you to unfold the wallet and give you, virtually, unlimited viewing angles. It also has more room to fit cards as well as some cash compared to the Moft wallet. There is also a little view into the wallet where you can put an ID for easy sharing or viewing. Both wallets provide great form and function and are the same price of $30. So at the end of the day it’s design preference, but both are amazing options for yourself or as a gift!

MagSafe power

This next section is going to highlight some of my most used products to deliver power to my iPhones, whether that’s charging stations, on-the-go MagSafe battery packs, or even MagSafe charging pucks. What’s your favorite charging solution?

Zeera 3 in 1 Folding MagSafe Charging Station

I have actually reviewed this product in the past (here). It is my number one recommendation for anyone that is looking for a convenient, reliable, and portable charging solution for their iDevices. The Zeera 3 in 1 foldable charging station is a direct alternative to Apple’s MagSafe Duo charger. But, in my opinion, the Zeera charger provides much more value. For $50 you get a foldable charger that can charge your iPhone at 7.5W, your Apple Watch at 5W, and your AirPods at 5W. It also uses USB-C for power. While the MagSafe Duo only charges two devices at once and you need a lightning cable to provide power – oh, and it’s $129… this to me is a no-brainer!

Just like any other product sold today, this does not come with a power brick, so I recommend either the 30W Satechi compact power brick or the same 30W Anker Power brick. Both will provide enough power to power this charger and could even slowly charge your MacBook Air if needed!

MagSafe battery banks – Momax & Moft

These next two products are all about portable power! Both are great in their own right, it’s just a matter of whats the most important variable to make your purchasing decision. The Moft MagSafe battery bank is on the list for two main reasons. The first is the actual look and feel of it; it’s made of vegan leather and comes in a few different colors. I prefer the black colorway, but it is also one of the most compact MagSafe battery banks that I have used. The second nice feature is that it works with the Moft Wallet as well! So you can slap this battery pack on and then the Moft wallet on the rear, too! It charges via USB-C and has 3,000 mAH.

Then we have the Momax battery bank. This is the battery bank I bring with me if I know I am going to need some more juice. It has 5,000 mAH for power, charges via USB-C, and has a nice kickstand to allow you to prop up your phone in portrait or landscape. The battery pack is on the thick side, but magnets are strong and it gets the job done. It can charge a Pro Max iPhone fully!

Miscellaneous charging accessories

I wanted to mention two more products in this power section. For my world travelers, I recently picked up the Momax Universal 65W Travel Adapter. This product has been extremely clutch during my international travels. Firstly, it’s a converter, so if you go from the US to any other country you need a converter in order to use your power cables. But not only is it a converter, it’s also has a 65W Gan charger in there with five ports – one USB-C PD port, two USB-C Ports, and two USB-A ports. This is a must-have for any international traveler, and it’s only $40!

Lastly, I wanted to give everyone a MagSafe puck option that I like to use. McDodo makes a MagSafe charging puck that looks straight out of an Iron Man movie. It has a transparent front and back so you can see the charging coil and there is a little light-up feature that indicates that it is charging. Very self-explanatory, but if you need just a charging puck, this is a fun one.

When it comes to audio for my iPhone, I like to keep it simple. We all know that the new AirPods Pro 2 ($50 off on Amazon!) is an amazing companion to any iOS device. They connect conveniently, can easily go from product to product, and have unrivaled noise cancellation and transparency modes for their product category. The new case has Find My built-in, and they are just so easy to use. But I have been locked in the Apple audio world for years, and I wanted to give something else a try.

So I tried the new Soundcore Liberty 4 headphones; they are currently on sale for $129.99. Some of the things I really enjoyed about these headphones were just all the features you get at that price point. It offers noise cancellation and transparency modes. The noise cancellation is great with the transparency mode being just ok. But you get a dedicated app to adjust EQ settings and noise cancellation levels, it gives you over 30 hours of battery life on one charge, charges via USB-C, and even has a heart monitor in the earbuds! One negative is that it has no wireless charging, but again for $129, I was really impressed with the sound quality and overall feature set!

Miscellaneous accessories

I wanted to mention a few nice-to-have types of accessories for your iPhone. The first is a gaming controller. iOS games have gotten more robust over the last few years and now we have people gaming on them like they are an Xbox or PlayStation. I have been using the Moga gaming controller for months now, and I love it. If you use Xbox controllers, this one will feel extremely familiar. It has all the buttons you would need, can be used as a power bank with 3,000 mAH of capacity built in, and charges via USB-C.

Lastly, I like to throw in something to help keep my iPhone clean from smudges and fingerprints. Paperlike recently released their cleaning kit – it’s perfect for an EDC. It’s a two-in-one solution where the spray bottle also acts as a microfiber cloth. It comes in a plastic case that you slide it out, spray, and wipe. Easy, simple, and to the point. Works great for any iPhone, iPad, or even Macbook screen.


These accessories have greatly enhanced my iPhone 14 Pro Max experience. As I mentioned, even though I was mostly talking about the iPhone 14 lineup, these accessories can mostly be used with iPhone 12 and newer iPhones, so they are still worth considering. If I had to recommend just one, it would have to be the Zeera 3 in 1 foldable charging station. Its convenience and ability to charge all my Apple devices at once has made my life much easier.

What are your go-to iPhone accessories? Are you a case or no case type of iPhone owner? If you had to recommend one accessory for an iPhone user, which would it be? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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