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Opera adds a free VPN service to its iOS browser

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Opera has added a free VPN to its iOS browser for users to browse the web privately and avoid data collection.

People can be susceptible to data gathering from websites and online services when browsing the internet. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t transparent about storing and using the data.

It’s enough of a security issue that Apple has iCloud Private Relay, which keeps browsing private with features such as withholding a user’s precise location. Private Relay requires a paid iCloud+ account, however, and as well as not being a full VPN, it solely works within Safari.

While a true VPN doesn’t make someone anonymous, it can safeguard web browsing from prying eyes if the VPN provider doesn’t retain data. For example, Opera says its new addition is a no-log service that doesn’t collect personal data or information related to users’ browsing history or originating network address.

Opera’s VPN — which is free — also includes a built-in adblocker that can speed up browsing and shield users from unwanted advertisements. And with Opera’s Cryptojacking Protection already in the browser, users will be safe from having their device’s resources hijacked for crypto mining.

Users only need to download the Opera Browser for iOS and enable the VPN in the app to begin using it. It requires iOS or iPadOS 12.0 or later.

The entire rollout will be finished in the coming weeks, making VPN accessible to all customers.

Other updates

Alongside the new VPN service, two more updates are coming to Opera Browser for iOS.

Users can manage their online lives more effectively thanks to the Bookmarks function, which gives quick access to the most crucial information when used with the browser’s Speed Dial feature. Also, the browser’s homepage now has a new Live Scores option for football lovers.

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