Adventure game ‘Lego Bricktales’ comes to iOS on April 27

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Adventure game 'Lego Bricktales' comes to iOS on April 27

“Lego Bricktales” comes to iOS

The building game “Lego Bricktales” is coming soon to iOS, giving mobile gamers the opportunity to create interactive worlds.

Developed by ClockStone Studio and Thunderful, Lego Bricktales will arrive on iPhones and iPads on April 27. It uses a “brick-by-brick” building mechanic to create worlds, vehicles, and more.

Players are given a set of bricks in each location and must develop a creative build that will function. Along with puzzles and quests, the game offers more builds in the amusement park to customize the rides.

“Everyone loves LEGO Bricks, and we are no exception, so we couldn’t be happier to get the chance to work on a LEGO videogame,” said Tri Do Dinh, Game Designer at Clockstone. “We hope you enjoy this first look at LEGO Bricktales and will have a great time diving into the game’s story, sandbox mode, unlockable abilities and much more!”

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