Adobe Lightroom gains AI-powered Denoise, Curves in masking, new adaptive presets, more

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Adobe Lightroom gains AI-powered Denoise, Curves in masking, new adaptive presets, more

Adobe is out with a major spring update for Lightroom today that includes new Sensei AI-powered improvements to make photo and video editing more intuitive and seamless. New capabilities are available with the latest adaptive presets, there are now Curves in masking, a new AI Denoise tool, and more.

Adobe announced the major Lightroom update in a blog post this morning:

Today, Adobe is unveiling new Al innovations in the Lightroom ecosystem – Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mobile and Web – that make it easy to edit photos like a pro, so everyone can bring their creative visions to life wherever inspiration strikes. New Adobe Sense Al-powered features empower intuitive editing and seamless workflows. Expanded Adaptive Presets and Masking categories for Select People make it easy to adjust fine details from the color of the sky to the texture of a person’s beard with a single click.
Additionally, new features including Denoise and Curves in masking help you do more with less to save time and focus on getting the perfect shot.

Here are some of the key new features now available for Lightroom on Mac, Windows, iOS/Android, and web (not all features are available on iOS/Android but most are for desktop/web):

  • Polish, Darken Facial Hair, and Enhance Clothing: AI-powered Adaptive Presets and AI Masking categories with new Select People features enable you to smooth skin, make precise edits to clothing and accessories, and refine facial features with a single tap.
  • Curves in masking: Adjust contrast, tone, and color to customize your photos.
  • Denoise: Clear up grainy images and improve photos taken in poor lighting.
  • Content Credentials: Available as a Tech Preview, attach attribution and history data to your photos to ensure authenticity.
Adobe Lightroom AI Denoise

Here’s how Adobe describes the new AI Denoise single-click tool for RAW files:

Never miss another photo opportunity because of poor lighting. With Lightroom’s latest advanced Al-powered feature, Denoise, you can remove digital noise from your images to improve quality without losing any details. This is especially useful when dealing with high ISO files in low light – for example when you’re taking a photo of the sunset at the beach, snapping evening shots of the city, or at a candle-lit birthday party.

This new feature is now available for RAW files, with additional file types coming soon.

Shown in the top image, Curves in masking allows users to “create highly customized and precise edits by adjusting contrast, tone, and color on specific parts of your image.”

This combination provides fine control over tonality and color in specific regions of a photo to help you achieve the perfect look. Use this feature in a landscape photo that needs a specific part edited, for example, to bring out shadow detail, correct color, or add creative effects. Or refine a portrait by selectively adding warmth or brightening areas without impacting the overall exposure.

More new capabilities include additional Adaptive Presets for portraits.

Here’s how Adobe describes these changes:

Polished Portrait enables you to quickly smooth the skin on portraits, enhance the lighting, and refine facial features to achieve the desired look. Or use Darken Beard to darken the facial hair of the model in your photo for a greater impact. Enhance Clothing, meanwhile, increases contrast, saturation and texture – useful when you want to highlight the details of an outfit – to optimize the definition and make your photos stand out more.

The new Adaptive Presets have been added to our existing library that already includes Enhance, Glamour, Whiten Teeth, and Texturize Hair to name a few.

To check out everything that’s new with the new Lightroom, head over to Adobe’s user guide. The company says all of these latest features are available now and can be downloaded in the Creative Cloud Desktop app (iOS/Android applicable features are starting to roll out globally today).

If you don’t already have Lightroom, it goes from $9.99/month after a free 7-day trial.

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