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New Beats Studio Buds+ headphones coming soon

Earlier this year, 9to5Mac reported that Apple is about to release new Beats Studio Buds+ wireless earbuds, as references and even images of the new product were found in the internal files of iOS 16.4. Now FCC has published the filings for the new Beats earbuds.

Beats Studio Buds+

The new Beats Studio Buds+ are identified by model numbers A2872 and A2871. According to the FCC (via Aaron), the documentation was submitted by Apple earlier this month. Typically, Apple submits new devices for FCC approval weeks or months before their official release, which may suggest that the new Studio Buds+ are coming soon.

Based on iOS code seen by 9to5Mac, Beats Studio Buds+ will support audio sharing, automatic device switching, and “Hey Siri,” just like AirPods and other Beats wireless earbuds. However, just like the original model, the new earbuds will feature a custom Beats chip instead one of Apple’s wireless chips.

The Beats Studio Buds are powered not by Apple’s proprietary W1 or H1 chip, but rather by a proprietary Beats chip. This means you miss out some of the more useful features of AirPods and AirPods Pro, as well as Powerbeats Pro, but it allows Beats Studio Buds to work across the Android and iOS ecosystems. 

One feature that Beats Studio Buds lack in comparison to AirPods is in-ear detection. This means that Beats Studio Buds won’t automatically play and pause content when you take them out or put them in your ears. Beats Studio Buds also lack support for automatic device switching and do not sync your paired devices across iCloud, so you’ll need to manually connect on each new device.


The new Buds+ will have media controls for play/pause and also the option to press and hold to switch between noise-canceling modes. Images obtained by 9to5Mac show that the new earbuds will be available in a new black color with gold details. The design is almost identical to the original Studio Buds.

Interestingly, iOS 16.4 also has references to an unreleased model of AirPods. However, we believe it’s just a revised model of the second-generation AirPods Pro with a USB-C port instead of Lightning.

The current Beats Studio Buds cost $149, but you can find them for lower prices on Amazon.

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