Heart Analyzer app for iPhone and Apple Watch overhauled with new ‘Dashboard’ and more for your Health data

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Heart Analyzer app for iPhone and Apple Watch overhauled with new 'Dashboard' and more for your Health data

Heart Analyzer is a popular iPhone and Apple Watch app that takes data from the Health app and provides more insight, additional trend information, and more. Today, a new update is rolling out to Heart Analyzer with an all-new Dashboard view, new charts, redesigned Apple Watch complications, and more.

Heart Analyzer is described as an app that gives you a “powerful understanding of your heart vitals.” It takes data from the Apple Health app and gives you a comprehensive overview of trends, charts, and more. “The app offers an incredibly comprehensive way to engage with your Health metrics in a whole new way,” developer Simon Edwards explains.

With today’s update to Heart Analyzer, the “Dashboard” interface has gotten a complete overhaul that makes it easier to scroll and view your data by swiping between days, viewing summaries, and tapping on specific days and data points for additional information. The Custom Heart Rate Zones feature can also now be tracked directly from the Dashboard view.

The update also brings a new “Insights” feature that lets you view your Health Vital trends:

In an effort to give more relevance to the section, the Heart Home has been renamed to Insights. Here you can view updated metrics and charts on various Vital Health types. Trends let you compare the past 30 days to the preceding 30 days. This gives the user quick, understandable summaries into how their Health data is looking. Beyond that I’ve also updated the Heart Reports to use the new Swift Charts for more visually compelling and accurate displaying of Health data.

Heart Analyzer also now offers a broader range of chart options with updated range charts for Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate Variability and Respiratory Rate.

These charts continue to indicate average values for the day, but the vertical bars now represent 10th & 90th percentiles of the data. Markers still also indicate the day’s maximum and minimum values. These percentile bars offer better comparisons between day to day changes by ensuring spikes in the data have less effect on the overall picture.

The “Deep Analytics” section of Heart Analyzer has been revamped with new charts and Health types, including Cardio Fitness and Sleep Time averages. Finally, the Apple Watch app has been updated with new complications and support for Apple’s AFib History feature:

All the Heart Analyzer Watch Face Complications that display charts have been refreshed – courtesy of Swift Charts. This looks particularly good with the Recent Heart Rate and Today/Yesterday Heart Rate complications. One Complication is completely brand new for V10, this is the new Recent HRV chart which works perfectly in conjunction with the new Apple Health AFib History feature. The chart shows your recent 12 hours of HRV data which can have a wide variety of use cases from monitoring readiness, indicating stress or even helping Apple Health AFib History users assess periods when their heart might be running in AFib.

Heart Analyzer is available on the App Store as a free download with a one-time $6.99 in-app purchase to unlock all of the premium features.

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