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Apple x Van Gogh iPhone and Mac wallpapers

Back in March, Basic Apple Guy released a stunning wallpaper called “Big Starry Sur” made up of Apple’s Big Sur wallpaper in the style of The Starry Night by Van Gogh. Now as promised, he’s back with four new Apple x Van Gogh designs that are simply gorgeous.

Basic Apple Guy shared the AI remixes of his four favorite OS X/macOS wallpapers in a blog post today that includes Big Sur Take II, The Starry Mountain Lion, Wheat Field with El Capitan, and Lion with Cypresses.

Shortly after releasing Big Starry Sur, Basic Apple Guy got so much positive feedback that he said he would work on some more designs in the same vein. Here’s the background on the latest project:

In early March, I posted a photo on social media titled ‘macOS Big Sur in the style of Van Gogh’s Starry Night’ an AI-generated mashup of macOS Big Sur’s default wallpaper attempted in the art style of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Not being hyperbolic, the wallpaper exploded in popularity. Hundreds messaged me for a link, and when I uploaded it onto Google Drive, the surge to download it was so enormous that Google stopped access to the drive for several hours. It wasn’t till the following day that I could finally host it on my webspace and provide a reliable link for people to download it.

That response to Big Starry Sur vastly exceeded my expectations. So positive was the reception that it inspired me to create another collection of four AI-generated macOS wallpapers, again inspired by Van Gogh. Enjoy.

Download the Apple x Van Gogh wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, Mac

Basic Apple Guy used the Midjourney AI to create all of these new wallpapers. For Big Sur Take II and Wheat Field with El Capitan he used Van Gogh’s Wheatfield series, for The Starry Mountain Lion, he used The Starry Night, and for Lion with Cypresses, he used both Wheat Field and The Starry Night.

Basic Apple Guy also shares some background on Vincent Van Gogh including that he sold just one painting during his brief 37-year life, and it wasn’t until after he passed away that his work became well-known and revered.

For behind-the-scenes details on the creative process, check out Basic Apple Guy’s full post. And be sure to check out these other amazing wallpapers from him:

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