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Snapchat has announced a number of updates coming soon to its iPhone app. As part of its Snap Summit event today, the company revealed that it will roll out its “My AI” chatbot to all users, add new features to Snapchat Stories, and much more.

My AI expands to all Snapchat users

Snapchat first launched its “My AI” chatbot feature back in February, but it was exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers at the time. The feature is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology and can be used to access a number of chatbot features from directly within the Snapchat app.

In a press release, Snapchat explained that “My AI” has the ability to do a number of different things and is highly customizable:

  • 1. Personalize My AI: Your AI comes with one of thousands of unique Bitmoji variations and can be easily customized to make it truly your own. Design a custom Bitmoji for your AI, give it a name, and start chatting.
  • 2. Bring My AI into Conversations with Friends: It’s easy to bring My AI into any of your conversations with friends. Simply @ mention My AI and ask a question on behalf of the group. It will be clear when an AI has entered the chat and includes a sparkle next to its name.
  • 3. Snapchat Recommendations: My AI surfaces place recommendations from the Snap Map and suggests relevant Lenses. For example, you can ask My AI to suggest weekend activities for your family or get the perfect Lens recommendation to wish a friend a happy birthday.
  • 4. Share Snaps with My AI: Our community can send Snaps to My AI and receive a chat reply.

While “My AI” is expanding to all Snapchat users, there is one feature that is going to be exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers. “Soon Snapchat+ subscribers will be able to Snap My AI and get a unique generative Snap back that keeps the visual conversation going,” the company says.

New features for Snapchat Stories

Snapchat has also announced a number of new features coming to its Stories platform. These updates include a new “After Dark” option, support for public “Flashback” posts, and Communities.

Since 2013, you’ve shared your life with friends through Stories, and now there are two new ways to show what you’re up to. The first is a new type of Story called ‘After Dark.’ Next time you’re up late studying or hanging out, add to the After Dark Story. Come morning, see the Story unfold to debrief on the night. The second is Communities, a feature that lets you share your perspective with classmates. Throughout the month, Communities will be rolling to additional schools.

While Snaps and Chats are designed to delete by default, some Snaps are too good not to save. In fact, flashbacks made from Snapchat Memories are viewed over one billion times each day, and now, we’re bringing these throwbacks right into your conversations with friends, so you can relive the moments made up of your favorite Snaps you’ve saved together.

Updates to Snap Map

Snap Map, Snapchat’s incredibly popular location sharing feature, is also getting a boost with support for sharing “Live Location” with friends. This is a clear competitor to Apple’s Find My platform, which also allows friends and family to share real-time location with each other.

While Snap Map has existed for years, it previously only allowed you to share your live location with a friend for a set period of time. This update expands on that with indefinite, background live location sharing.

Snap Map is also adding new 3D elements for the actual map interface, as well as improvements to suggested places to visit and additional Bitmoji customization options.

You can find more information on Snapchat’s announcements on its website.

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