T-Mobile launches ’emergency exit’ from installments, new plan, and more with ‘Phone Freedom’

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T-Mobile launches 'emergency exit' from installments, new plan, and more with 'Phone Freedom'

T-Mobile has announced its latest Un-carrier move today called “Phone Freedom.” Aiming to give customers at Verizon and AT&T an “emergency exit,” T-Mobile is offering some big incentives like the option to trade-in a locked phone for a free new one, upgrades every two years instead of three, a price lock guarantee, a new “Go 5G Plus” plan that’s the same for new or existing customers, a “Go Back Guarantee,” and more.

T-Mobile’s CEO Mike Sievert kicked off the Un-carrier announcement today in a YouTube video along with a press release. The Phone Freedom effort starts out by bringing up the fact that AT&T and Verizon have shifted to 36 month payoff contracts for iPhones and other smartphones. That’s increased from the 24 months that were the norm a few years ago.

He says the Un-carrier wants to be the carrier you choose, not the one you’re stuck with. So here’s what T-Mobile is doing starting April 23:

  • The Easy Unlock
    • Turn in a locked smartphone and get a new one on T-Mobile for free
  • Go 5G Plus plan
    • A “supercharged” version of T-Mobile Magenta Max plan that includes service, 24-month hardware payment, and all the freebies of Magenta Max like Apple TV+, Netflix, Free in-flight WiFi, taxes and fees included and more
  • Go Back Guarantee
    • If for some reason you’re not happy with T-Mobile within 30 days, it will give you up to $50 per line to go back to your old carrier

Pricing starts from $90/month for one line up to $150 for three, and $185/month for four lines:

And here’s a look at everything that comes with the new Go 5G plus plan:

Check out more details in the T-Mobile press release and look out for the plan to show up on its website on Sunday, April 23.

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