iOS 17 might have tweaks for Wallet & Find My

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iOS 17 might have tweaks for Wallet & Find My

iOS 17 may bring changes to Wallet

After months of rumors suggesting that iOS 17 would be a minor update, new reports have emerged on Friday saying that Apple is planning big changes to the built-in Wallet and Find My apps.

Some rumors have said the new iOS release would focus more on maintenance and stability, although some aspects of the system could see significant changes. For example, a report earlier in April said that the Control Center could see an extensive redesign.

Mark Gurman, who has an excellent track record for Apple leaks and rumors, said recently that the Wallet and Find My apps could get updated, speaking to MacRumors on a podcast. Apple may improve Find My as part of a more significant push for location-related features.

Gurman also mentioned the Wallet getting updates, such as tweaks to the user interface. Additionally, while Apple is likely working on introducing sideloading to iOS 17 for users to install apps outside of the App Store, Gurman said that the company might limit it to Europe.

Another rumor — albeit sketchy — from October claimed that Apple is working on a new version of Messages. Majin Bu said the app might get a new “home area” along with chat rooms, video clips, and AR chat features.

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