Concept imagines iOS 17’s rumored ‘Journal’ app design

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Concept imagines iOS 17's rumored 'Journal' app design

A report on Friday suggested that iOS 17 will include an all-new journaling app for the first time. The app is said to feature deep integration with other iPhone apps and features. A new concept from Parker Ortolani takes a look at what this app could look like in iOS 17…

iOS 17’s journaling app

The report on Friday came from the Wall Street Journal, saying that Apple hopes that the dedicated journaling app will “let users compile their daily activities as part of its efforts in the market for mental and physical health technology.”

In addition to traditional journaling features, the app will reportedly tie in with other Apple apps and services. Perhaps most interestingly, the app will be able to “detect a user’s physical proximity to other people” to distinguish between friends outside work and colleagues.

“The app will analyze the users’ behavior to determine what a typical day is like, including how much time is spent at home compared with elsewhere, and whether a certain day included something outside the norm,” the report explained. Apple, of course, will do all of this with privacy in mind and using on-device intelligence.

What Apple’s journaling app could look like

Following the WSJ’s report on Friday, Parker Ortolani created a concept imagining what an “Apple Journal” app in iOS 17 might look like.

“I see It as a combination of Notes and Health,” Parker explains. “Meditations and reflections live here on iPhone. It would intelligently find ways to help you feel better. And you could sort through your journals by various categories.”

In the concept, you can see how the app might look on iPhone in addition to Apple Watch. There are different categories for types of journals, iCloud syncing, and more.

Personally, I’m excited to see what an Apple journaling app in iOS 17 might look like. I do hope that it comes to the Mac, as well as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. For me, the Mac is a much better platform for sitting down and writing longer text entries than the iPhone or iPad.

The intelligence features described by the WSJ’s report are especially interesting. These sorts of integrations with iPhone hardware and other Apple apps are what can help set Apple’s journaling app apart from the competition. What do you think? Would you use an Apple journaling app? Let us know in the comments.

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