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Man uses AirTags and PowerPoint to ask airline for his lost bags

Apple’s AirTag has become a must-have accessory for a lot of travelers around the world, as it helps people easily track their luggage. And as more people are returning to travel frequently following the relief of the pandemic, sales of item-tracking accessories have grown considerably in recent months.

Sales item trackers have increased in recent months

A research by Circana shows that sales of item trackers, which includes Apple’s AirTag, grew 63% in the US in January and February combined. So far, sales revenue for these products have increased by 82%.

Although item trackers can be used for other things besides tracking luggage, Circana points out that the high interest in these accessories coincides with the increase in luggage and travel accessory sales last year. Despite the current “economic headwinds,” people are spending more on travel than ever before, and analysts believe this is a trend that will continue for the next year.

For Ben Arnold, executive director and analyst at Circana, accessories such as item trackers, headphones, and portable batteries are at the top of travelers’ wish list.

“Categories like item trackers, on-the-ear headphones, and portable power packs that keep travelers connected, entertained, and powered-on while on the go have had positive growth in a challenging first quarter,” the analyst said. “Spending on travel is expected to continue to pick-up in 2023 and 2024,” Arnold added.

How AirTag became essential for travelers

AirTag and Precision Finding

Ever since Apple introduced AirTag, we’ve been hearing a lot of reports of people recovering their lost luggage thanks to the accessory. Last year, a man went to the police to recover his luggage lost by an airline. The suitcase was tracked with an AirTag. More recently, a passenger left his wallet on an aircraft and found it flying to different cities thanks to the Find My app.

Even if you don’t lose your luggage, having an AirTag can be useful for easily finding it in airport terminals after leaving the aircraft.

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