Having issues with Twitter on Firefox? It’s not just you

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Having issues with Twitter on Firefox? It's not just you

Users of the popular web browser Firefox have reported issues when trying to load Twitter web, citing the need to continuously enter credentials and not being able to log in entirely.

Several people have taken to Twitter (presumably the mobile app) to express their frustration, with some claiming that the problem has persisted since around 7:00 PM EST on April 24.

Members of the 9to5Mac staff can confirm this issue appears to be affecting desktop users on both macOS and Windows. During my own experience, it seemed that even having the latest version of Firefox (112.0.1), clearing the browser cache, and disabling extensions, didn’t yield much luck. After about 10 minutes of continuously entering the same two credentials over and over and repeatedly being signed out, the problem stopped.

Human (1), Twitter (0). Your move Elon.

Some users have speculated that the issue could be related to Twitter’s seemingly move-fast and break-things development strategy. While that doesn’t seem far off, there has been no official confirmation from either Firefox or Twitter regarding the cause of the problem.

We’ll update this story as we continue to learn more.

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