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We’re beginning to get a clearer picture of what new features could be introduced with iOS 17 this year. A new post on Weibo from a previously-accurate source claims iOS 17 will include changes to the iPhone Lock Screen, new features for Apple Music, and more.

New features in iOS 17: The latest leaks

The source of this Weibo rumor is the same source that correctly leaked the yellow iPhone 14 prior to its official announcement. This leads us to give some credibility to today’s iOS 17 leak, but we’d still encourage some skepticism. This source doesn’t have a long track record of accuracy just yet, particularly when it comes to software leaks.

With that in mind, today’s leak says that iOS 17 will include a number of changes to the iPhone Lock Screen, user interface updates for Apple Music, and more. Here’s a rundown of the claims:

  • Control Center UI changes
  • Support for custom categories and other organization features for the App Library.
  • The ability to view Apple Music lyrics directly on the Lock Screen.
  • Updates to the Apple Music user interface that reduces the amount of text in favor of new images and graphics.
  • Support for sharing custom Lock Screen designs with other people, presumably similar to existing support for sharing Apple Watch faces.
  • Additional Lock Screen customization options for fonts, Emoji wallpapers, and “other functions.”
  • “Step-less” adjustment for the flashlight brightness, giving more fine-grained control. Currently, flashlight brightness can only be set to three preconfigured settings.

These new iOS 17 rumors join previous leaks from sources such as Bloomberg. Most recently, Bloomberg reported that iOS 17 will enable support for side-loading apps (but only in the European Union) as well as changes to Find My and the Wallet app. A report from the Wall Street Journal last week also suggested Apple will launch a new journaling app as part of iOS 17 this year.

iOS 17 will officially be announced by Apple in less than two months at WWDC 2023, which kicks off on June 5.

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