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Jamf updates add secure logins & safe internet access


Jamf held a special event to announce updates that help IT teams deploy Mac computers throughout companies, schools, and government agencies.

The company held its spring event on Tuesday to show previews of the updates and tools it’s working on for 2023. They’re aimed at companies, schools, and government agencies for Mac device management.

Students can stay safe with Jamf Safe Internet while the Simple Access system provides secure app login. Meanwhile, Jamf supports Apple’s latest innovations, including the evolved MDM protocol, Declarative Device Management, and Managed Device Attestation.

With the addition of zero trust network access capabilities, the well-known provisioning and authentication tool Jamf Connect can now provide businesses with a user-first identity and access management solution for their devices. With this new feature, customers may remotely access their devices from any location, eliminating the necessity for conventional VPNs and the hassle they cause.

Additionally, the app restricts access to only those resources and apps necessary for each user’s purpose, enhancing data security.

Jamf Trusted Access was also integrated to activate a secure network connection automatically. Users can use this feature to create a local macOS account using cloud identity credentials and have their network access ready for apps.

The company has also announced the widespread availability of Employee Badge with Jamf Trust, which replaces physical access cards with digital employee badges. It can increase security by eliminating physical cards that may get lost or stolen.

For IT admins, Jamf has a new Remote Assist feature that lets them start a secure remote desktop session from Jamf Pro. It can help simplify workflows and support remote workers.

Jamf Pro also has a new automated solution that enables administrators to produce and control specific local administrator passwords for each Mac system they manage. As a result, it helps reduce the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data and systems.


Jamf Pro starts at $4 per device per month with basic identity management and malware protection, while the Business plan is $13.65 per month, billed annually and with a minimum support for 25 users. The highest pricing tier offers a custom solution with various pricing options for devices and users that require contact with Jamf to set it up.

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