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watchOS 10 release date: What and when to expect it

While iOS 17 and macOS 14 are expected to be more iterative updates, watchOS 10 could bring some major changes to Apple Watch. Let’s look at when to expect the watchOS 10 release date plus what an overhaul of the UI could look like.

Apple reveals its yearly updates of watchOS during the WWDC keynote and typically launches the first developer beta right after.

Then the first free watchOS public beta usually launches some weeks later with the official public release following the fall iPhone/Apple Watch event (read more below for all the specifics on the beta and official release dates).

While the next iOS release could include iPhone upgrades and changes that users will see as “nice to have” like an updated Control Center, iOS 17 is expected to be modest overall.

However, Mark Gurman has predicted watchOS 10 should be a “fairly extensive upgrade” including “notable changes” to the UI.

What might watchOS 10 look like?

After Mark’s report, my colleagues Benjamin and Chance talked about what UI changes might make sense for watchOS 10 (starting the 35-minute mark on the 9to5Mac Happy Hour podcast).

watchOS 10 release date concept
Concept by Parker Ortolani

Then Parker Ortolani created a slick concept with an overhauled watchOS Home Screen with widgets, one with a revived, modern Glances, and more.

Check a closer look at Parker’s watchOS 10 concept in our full coverage:

watchOS 10 release date

watchOS 10 release date 1
  1. watchOS 10 developer beta – expected June 5 release at WWDC
  2. watchOS 10 public beta – expected end of June or early July
  3. watchOS 10 public release – expected in September

watchOS 10 release date: Developer beta

Apple has made a tradition of releasing the first developer beta of each major watchOS update the same day it announces the new software at its WWDC keynote. 

  • WWDC kicks off with the keynote on June 5, expect the first watchOS 10 developer beta to be released shortly afterward unless Apple throws us a curveball

Here’s a look at the past five years of dev beta releases:

watchOS 10 release date: Public beta

  • The first watchOS public beta typically arrives four to five weeks after the first developer beta launches in June. For watchOS, there’s been less history since the public beta just started in 2020. However, for the last two years, it was July 11 and June 30.

Here’s a look at the last few years:

Official public release

watchOS 10 release date public release
  • It’s likely watchOS 10 will come out in mid to late September unless Apple switches things up
  • If Apple has its iPhone 15 and Apple Watch event the week of September 11, we could see the new iOS and watchOS officially launch the week of September 18.

Here’s a look at the last four years of watchOS public releases:

  • watchOS 9: September 12, 2022 (after September 7 event)
  • watchOS 8: September 20, 2021 (after September 14 event)
  • watchOS 7: September 16, 2020 (after September 15 event)
  • watchOS 6: September 19, 2019 (after September 10 event)

When does watchOS 10 come out? – wrap-up

With the ability to install iOS and watchOS betas right within iPhone Settings and the Watch app on iOS 16.4 and later, it will be easier than ever to test out the new OS this summer.

Are you planning to run the upcoming beta or will you wait for the final, public release? Share down in the comments!

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