Exclusive: Latest iPhone 15 Pro CADs reveal ‘Action button’ and camera changes

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Exclusive: Latest iPhone 15 Pro CADs reveal 'Action button' and camera changes

Earlier this month, 9to5Mac brought you exclusive renderings of the iPhone 15 Pro based on information from our sources, exclusive details from MFi accessory makers, and new detailed CADs. Now, we’ve obtained an even more detailed set of CAD files from a very trusted source that line up with the latest rumors, with two notable changes.

The iPhone 15 rumor cycle

The current iPhone 15 Pro rumor cycle has been back and forth, especially surrounding the new buttons. Multiple reputable sources the iPhone 15 Pro series would feature haptic buttons, and 9to5Mac was even able to corroborate this information with our sources in MFi manufacturing. The buttons were thought to be one long singular piece instead of two separate buttons.

The original iPhone 15 Pro CADs with the haptic volume button

However, in the past few weeks, it’s been reported that the new haptic buttons were scrapped in favor of more traditional volume buttons due to production issues. The CAD files obtained by 9to5Mac today corroborate this change.

Many were worried that this backtrack would also lead to the scrapping of the so-called “mute button,” a button that would replace the current mute switch with increased functionality. 9to5Mac’s Filipe Esposito first reported on this new button back in March.

We can confidently say that accessory makers are currently working with CADs showing a more traditional button design and a mute button.

New CADs from an extremely reputable source:

These new reputable CADs line up perfectly with the previous information we received and match nearly 1:1 with the high-quality renders published by 9to5Mac, apart from two distinct differences: the buttons and the cameras.

The buttons

Instead of the solid-state buttons that we were once expecting, Apple looks to be reverting to a traditional button design with separated volume buttons. The significant change this year is a new mute button.

This mute button replaces the outgoing mute switch and is rumored to add additional functionality, with many speculating that it could emulate the Action Button found on the Apple Watch Ultra. It’s important to note that to differentiate the 15 Pro lineup from the 15 series, this new mute button will not be on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models; they will stick with the existing mute switch.

iPhone 15 Pro on the left and iPhone 14 Pro on the right

The cameras

While early CADs and schematics showed a gargantuan camera bump with individual protrusions larger than the current iPhone 14 Pro’s entire camera bump, these updated CADs thankfully show something far more reasonable. While the camera bump still gets larger this year, the protrusions are far less comical.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max looks to have an ever so slightly larger camera bump, leading credence to the ongoing rumors of a periscope zoom lens. The smaller iPhone 15 Pro model is not rumored to gain a periscope zoom lens this year.

The significance of these new CADs

In addition to finally showing the new button design and updating the rumors about the camera, this CAD also corroborates many design details in previous CAD models. The bezels are incredibly narrow, USB-C is present, and the entire frame of the device is far more rounded than the current iPhone 14 series.

Due to the source of these internal CADs, seeing these shared design details between previous information adds an immense amount of credibility to previously leaked information, and 9to5Mac is confident that this information accurately represents what current manufacturers are being given to design accessories.


We will continue monitoring the recent leaks, and as rumors begin to solidify, we will update our high-quality iPhone 15 Pro renders to reflect the recent changes.

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