Report: Apple Watch users are highly loyal and ready to spend over $500 on their next upgrade

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Time and time again, Apple Watch has come in atop of the broader smartwatch market. A new report from Counterpoint Research today further highlights the Apple Watch’s success, finding that Apple “has the highest stickiness for any smartwatch brand.” That is, people who buy an Apple Watch enjoy it and are unlikely to jump ship to another smartwatch brand.

The report highlights that almost 80% of iPhone owners who use a smartwatch use an Apple Watch. This is higher than Android user loyalty to the Pixel Watch, with 71% of Android users who own a smartwatch owning a Pixel Watch. Additionally, 40% of Samsung smartphone users who own a smartwatch use a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Counterpoint analysts say that this supports their long-running broader consensus, which is that iPhone users are highly likely to invest in other Apple devices due to the inteoperability:

Commenting on Apple’s success in the US smartwatch market, Research Analyst Matthew Orf said, “Our consumer research survey supports a general premise of ours – consumers generally purchase their devices as part of a broader ecosystem of devices and operating systems. Apple and iOS dominate the US smartphone market and iPhone users are more likely to adopt other Apple products due to their superior interoperability.

The report goes on to detail the top smartwatch features, according to owners: health and activity tracking, notification access, and messaging and calling. Older smartwatch owners rely more heavily on health features, while younger users favor notification and messaging features.

For Apple, these features lead to more than 70% of users being “very satisfied” with their Apple Watch. 82% of respondents indicated that they wear their Apple Watch every day.

Last but not least, Counterpoint’s survey also revealed that 59% of respondents had purchased their smartwatch within the last year, while 50% also said they plan to purchase a new model within the next year, and 16% said they plan to upgrade within the next two years. “This points to a holding period of just over two years for most users,” the analysts say.

77% of respondents stated that that they are planning to buy an Apple Watch as their next smartwatch. “The share of respondents willing to pay $500 or more for their next smartwatch was double the share of those who stated they spent $500 or more on their current smartwatch, suggesting rising ASPs for the segment,” the report concludes.

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