Fraudulent apps are easy to slip by App Store review

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Fraudulent apps are easy to slip by App Store review

App Store review continues to be a problem

A collection of statements from anonymous Apple developers claim App Store review is broken, some resorting to outright fraud to get apps approved.

Apple’s App Store and its policies around it are controversial to say the least. Regulatory bodies constantly debate whether it’s some form of antitrust, while developers complain of artificial roadblocks and limitations.

While many of these statements are damning of app review, remember that it’s fairly easy to get negative statements from disgruntled people. We expect these accounts to be true, but without attribution, there isn’t any way to verify.

These various accounts are anonymous and can’t be verified as accurate — and some are admissions of developer agreement terms if not outright fraud by the claimant. Some ring true, as similar complaints have been made before by folks that feel slighted by how the App Store works and its sometimes arcane mechanisms.

Scam apps, clones, and apps with illicit features are known problems on Apple’s App Store. However, it seems app review is doing something right, as it is a much larger issue on Google Play Store despite what these accounts suggest.

Apple recently proved victorious against Epic Games in an extended antitrust lawsuit. The company says its victory proves the App Store promotes competition, drives innovation, and provides opportunities to developers.

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