The state of Pokemon Go in 2023 — is it still worth playing?

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Press material for the AR game Pokemon Go, showing Pokemon out in the real world

Pokemon GO has changed. As a service game that launched back in 2016, that’s hardly surprising, but it’s clear that the experience Pokemon GO fans are having in 2023 is very different to what came before.

Anyone who’s stuck around for the past seven years of Pokemon GO will know what a journey it’s been – not quite Pallet Town to the Elite Four, but still a seismic shift in what the initial game was capable of. There’s now several hundred more Pokemon than at launch, a number of PvP features, and a fleshed-out ecosystem of battles, gyms, PokeStops, raids, and live events across the world. There’s never been more on offer, or more reason to jump into the game.

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