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iPad Pro clone at iPad 10 price – tempting?

The latest Android tablet is here with the OnePlus Pad pre-orders now open. With strong iPad Pro clone vibes at an entry-level iPad 10 price, it’s clear the company knows it not only needs to win against Android competitors but also get iPad users to switch. Here’s what the device includes to try and make that happen.

My colleague Ben at 9to5Google has been covering and using the OnePlus Pad leading up to the first deliveries arriving on May 8.

The tablet hardware indeed packs a lot for a sub-$500 price. And as you take a closer look you realize how much “inspiration” OnePlus has taken from Apple’s 11-inch iPad Pro.

MKBHD shared a brief look on Twitter and some thoughts on the tablet saying he sees it as “a better value version of the iPad.” But importantly, he brings up the question, will it be enough to convince iPad users to make the switch?

OnePlus Pad (iPad Pro clone) features

iPad Pro clone OnePlus Pad

Here are some of the features OnePlus has mirrored from iPad Pro – or exceeded – to make switching enticing:

  • Slim bezel design with a metal build
  • 144Hz refresh rate (vs iPad Pro ProMotion’s up to 120Hz)
  • OnePlus Stylo stylus (Apple Pencil clone with magnetic attachment and charging)
  • Optional keyboard case + trackpad with stand at $150
    • Connects with 3-pin smart connector (Apple charges up to $349)
  • Front-facing camera on the long side (like iPad 10, more convenient than short side like iPad Pro)
  • 8GB RAM, 128GB of storage (2x more than the iPad 10 base model)
  • MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chipset with Android 13 and OxygenOS
  • 67W fast charging
  • $479 (just $30 more than the iPad 10 base price)

To be fair, OnePlus didn’t copy the rear camera setup from iPad Pro and also used rounded edges instead of the flat edges that Apple’s modern devices use. But overall, there remains a lot that’s borrowed.

What do you think?

Hardware-wise, the OnePlus Pad is quite compelling for close to half the price of the iPad Pro. But of course, you’ve got to be willing to use Android.

Check out a closer look at the OnePlus Pad from MKBHD below. What do you think? Would these features and price tempt you to switch from iPad? Or at least try out this Android tablet?

Or is Android a deal breaker? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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