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ZOXN Charging Station, Full of Features

I have reviewed countless 3-in-1, 4-in-1, and all-in-one chargers that promise to be the best, from no-name brands to higher-end brands. For the most part, they get the job done. They are able to charge my three Apple devices, my iPhone, my AirPods, and my Apple Watch. But with each one there is always a sacrifice. Either it’s too expensive, made of the wrong material, the LED indicators are too bright, the stand doesn’t swivel enough, etc. But it seems like Zeera’s new VOXN Charging Station checks off pretty much every box I would ever need. Here’s what sets it apart from the rest.

At first glance, the ZOXN Charging Station works just like any other 3-in-1 charging hub. It has a MagSafe-compatible stand for your iPhone that has a nice vertical swivel for better viewing angles. It has a spot to charge your Apple Watch and also has a wireless charging pad that is meant for charging headphones or another Qi-enabled phone.

Here are the specs:

  • MagSafe compatible charging stand that charges up to 15W (7.5W for iPhones)
  • Apple Watch charger that charges at 5W
  • Qi wireless charging pad charging at 5W

The base is nice and hefty making sure you do not take the charging station with you when taking off the iPhone from the stand. It is made of plastic but has a brushed finish that makes it look like metal and then has a soft touch Alcantara finish for the base. In the box, you also get a very premium 2-meter USB-C to USB-C cable, and there is an option to include a 65W GaN charging brick for just $25.

What sets this apart from the rest?

The first aspect that is worth noting is that the second charging pad is actually MagSafe compatible as well, meaning that you can place your AirPods down with confidence, knowing it will be aligned and charging. I thought this was a great touch.

You then might notice that there is a yellow rubber button on the bottom right portion of the charging station, which has two functions. If you hold it down, it acts as a kill switch, meaning it will cut power to all the charging stations. So if you just want to use the station as a stand or for some reason need to cut the power, you now have that ability. But it also acts as a light toggle. The rear of the charging station has LEDs built into them, acting as a night lamp or night light with three different brightness settings. Features like these really help enhance the user experience and increase the over quality of life of a product.

It does not end there – you also have a toggle on the bottom of the charger that actually cuts the light of the power indicators. I love this feature! I always hate when the LED light indicators are bright, especially at night when I am trying to sleep. This does not cut the power of the station, but rather covers the light indicator so it does not cause distractions if used on a nightstand.

Lastly, they also included a USB-A port on the rear to be able to charge a fourth device with a cable at up to 10W. Meaning, you could charge up to four different devices with this one power station.

Pricing & availability

The VOXN Charging Station is available today in two different purchasing options. You can get the charging station and cable for $75.99, which I think is an immense value. Other stations like this would be $150 or more! You could also opt for the $100 version that includes a very nice 65W GaN charging brick with two USB-C ports and a USB-A port – another steal for the value.


If you are looking for a nightstand charger with a few tricks up its sleeve that won’t break the bank, I would highly recommend giving the ZOXN a try. It can charge your main three Apple devices, has an additional port to charge a fourth device, has a built-in nightstand light, and solves the light indicator brightness issue I always deal with. And, for just an additional $25, they throw in a 65W power brick that can be used with the stand but could also be used to charge your MacBook. I am a huge believer in getting maximum value for your money, and this gets my recommendation.

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