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Make your MacBook stand out with custom stickers from Sticker Mule

If you’re following 9to5Mac, there’s a good chance you have a MacBook or iPad. They’re great devices that look great while they’re at it, but there aren’t many options for customization. Sticker Mule offers custom laptop stickers, helping you customize your laptop exactly to your liking. And for the 9to5Mac audience, we have a deal where you can get started with your own custom stickers for just a dollar, with free shipping. 

Custom stickers made easy

Sticker Mule makes it super fast and easy to get your own custom stickers. You just upload your artwork, and you’ll get an online proof within four hours. That, combined with a super fast turnaround and worldwide shipping, makes Sticker Mule the internet’s favorite printer.

Whether you have a ton of design experience or not, it’s super easy to design your own stickers. You can either upload your existing artwork or use their suite of custom tools. With their online upscale tool, they use AI to upscale your photos into better-looking images for printing. You can use Trace to get rid of backgrounds, and then you can use Studio put it all together into your own custom designs. Sticker Mule has assets and images you can use, text options, and you can upload your own assets. You can adjust your background and border to get everything just how you want it to make your perfect stickers. 

Make your laptop your own

Sticker Mule sent over a bunch of their own fun designs, and we’ve got some custom ones. Of course, we got the 9to5Mac logo. We also got some for our friends over at 9to5Google, and the 9to5Toys Tested badge (which I immediately put on my MacBook Pro). These stickers are made from a durable vinyl, so they’ll hold up well on your laptop going in and out of your bag, but they’re also weatherproof, so you can put them outdoors or on your car, and they’ll hold up against the elements.

In addition to the standard printed colors, Sticker Mule offers holographic stickers with a reflective background that looks particularly good on space-themed stickers. All these die-cut stickers are cut out right around the design, with a really nice, even border.

While you know Sticker Mule for their stickers, they also offer a ton of other customizable products. If you’re running a small business online, you can use their labels, buttons, and custom packaging tape to help share your brand and add a special touch. They also offer magnets, T-shirts, keychains, and a ton more – and you can use Studio to perfect your design on these too.

10 Stickers for just $1

You can check out all their products through the link down in the video description. When you use our link, you can get 10 die-cut stickers with your own custom artwork for just a dollar, with free worldwide shipping. So check them out, and get your own custom stickers to make your laptop your own. 

Head over to Sticker Mule’s website through this link to get your first 10 laptop stickers!

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