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Apple starts assembling iPhone 14 in Brazil

China still accounts for most of Apple’s product production, including iPhone. However, in recent years, the company has been slowly trying to diversify its supply chain with the help of other countries. Now Apple has started assembling the iPhone 14 in Brazil as the company keeps shifting production from China.

iPhone 14 is now Made in Brazil

A reader of the Brazilian blog MacMagazine who recently purchased a blue 128GB iPhone 14 in Brazil was surprised to see on the box that the device was “Assembled in Brazil” by Foxconn Brazil, located in São Paulo. The device’s Part Number ends with “BR/A,” which confirms that it was assembled locally.

However, it seems that only the regular iPhone 14 is being assembled in Brazil so far, as we couldn’t find any of the 14 Pro models or even the 14 Plus with the “BR/A” identifier. iPhone models sold in Brazil that came from China are identified by “BZ/A” or “BE/A.”

This is not the first time that Apple assembles iPhones in Brazil. Last year, the company did the same with iPhone 13. iPhone SE is also assembled in Brazil, as the company focuses on assembling its less expensive devices in the country due to the local economic situation. For both Apple and customers, this is good news.

Brazil imposes high taxes on imported products, which includes pretty much every Apple device. For that reason, some companies invest in assembling their products in Brazil, as this grants a reduction in taxes to sell those products. The 128GB iPhone 14 costs R$7,599 ($1,520) in Brazil. However, customers can now find the same model for around R$5,000 ($1,000) in local retail stores.

Apple and China

Apple also benefits from producing iPhones in Brazil. That’s because the company has been trying to reduce its dependence on China. Apple’s facilities in China have been deeply impacted by the strict local COVID policies. At the same time, there are also political disputes affecting Apple’s suppliers.

Back in November, Apple warned investors and customers for the first time that the availability of the iPhone 14 Pro would be quite limited in the 2022 Holiday Season because of the situation in China. According to a recent report, Apple has tripled production of iPhones in India since then.

Even if the assembly of iPhones in Brazil is only focused on the local market, it can be enough to avoid supply shortages in the country. For the iPhone 15 later this year, Apple is hoping that assembly will begin in China and India simultaneously.

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