Snapchat stuffing ads in ChatGPT-powered ‘My AI’ and knockoff TikTok feature

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Snap has heard the feedback about its not-always-welcome My AI feature and found the solution: ads!

Pinning SnapchatGPT to the top of everyone’s chat list recently became a magnet for 1-star reviews in the App Store. In response, Snapchat is stuffing ads in My AI for the users who actually like the new feature.

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Advertising is the first first attempt to monetize the Snapchat bot. Removing My AI or even just unpinning the chat thread is a privilege enjoyed only by Snapchat+ subscribers.

My AI won’t be populated with banner ads, though. Engadget reports that Snap announced an experimental sponsored links ad format during today’s NewFronts advertising event.

ChatGPT differs from search results by presenting conversational answers to questions rather than a ranked list of website links. The format has been praised for its lack of advertising to monetize when Google search results can be buried below sponsored results.

Snap is maintaining the conversational flow in its effort to monetize OpenAI’s technology. Advertisers will be able to buy sponsored links that will be surfaced when relevant to the conversation with My AI. The feature is described as experimental.

Meanwhile, Snap is graduating another experiment to full-on deployment. Snap is rolling out Spotlight ads globally after a limited test run in 2022. Spotlight is the TikTok alternative short video feature inside Snapchat.

Could sponsored links be the future of making money off chat bots? Share your thoughts below.

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