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Final Cut Pro coming to iPad?- 9to5Mac

Every year since the 2015 iPad Pro was released, people have been saying that Apple was going to create a version of Final Cut Pro for the iPad. We began to realize that the iPad Pro had the hardware capable of running an intensive app like FCP. As the iPad Pro line matured, every year we would get a render or leak that Apple was working on a version made to be used on iPadOS.

The rumors hit an all-time high when Apple decided to put the M1 chip into its iPad Pro lineup. Everyone thought, “The M1 chip is a desktop-class chip, surely that means Apple is going to allow desktop-class apps to run on the new iPad Pro.” It has now been two years since Apple added the M1 chup to the iPad Pros, and we are still waiting for Apple to give us Final Cut for iPadOS.

That still begs the question: If Final Cut Pro came to iPadOS, would you use your iPad as your video editing machine?

Twitter user Nikias Molina shared a post that showed an iPad Pro with a screenshot of Final Cut Pro:

Again, people have rumored this for years, so who knows if it will actually ever grace your iPad screens. But it still made me curious to know, if it did happen, how many people would actually use it?

Current iPadOS video editors

Even though Final Cut Pro does not support iPadOS, there are still a number of video editors in the app store that can get the job done for you. I personally edit all of my videos on my iPad Pro, and I love it. The workflow is simple, it can handle everything I throw at it, and the video exports extremely quickly. I use an app called LumaFusion to edit all of my videos. It’s a $20 to $40 one-time purchase app that is extremely powerful and made for iPadOS.


But there are also other editing options that are worth considering:

  • iMovie – completely free. Comes included with all iPadOS devices. Very easy to use and even though its more basic, it can pack a punch.
  • Davinci Resolve – the new kid on the block. It promises to be a professional video editor for iPad but its subscription-based, and I still prefer LumaFusion.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush – a watered-down version of Adobe premiere made for iPadOS.

All great options that can meet and exceed your iPad video editing needs.


Do I believe that Apple will eventually bring Final Cut Pro to iPad? I really do not know. I know a lot of FCP users would love to bring their video editing station with them on the iPad to be more nimble and mobile, but for now, this is just a never-ending rumor. If it does release for iPadOS in 2024, I will be first in line to give it a try. But for now, I will make use of the video editing tools I currently have around me.

What would you do if FCP was finally released on iPadOS? Let’s discuss this in the comments below!

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