Reddit adds rich previews for iMessage and Instagram Stories

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Reddit adds rich previews for iMessage and Instagram Stories

Popular social network Reddit announced on Tuesday a major update to its iOS and Android app. Users will now find more options to share Reddit content with other platforms, such as iMessage and Instagram. In addition, the social network is adding new tools for publishers to show Reddit content on their own platforms.

Reddit gets deeper integration with iMessage and Instagram

Having the ability to share a Reddit content with other apps is not new. However, Reddit is making that experience much better with rich previews. For example, if you now share a Reddit post with someone in iMessage, the app will show a visual preview of the content with the name of the subreddit, as well as the total upvotes and comments.

But there is more. Reddit is also making it easier for people to share content from the app on Instagram. Users will now see an “Instagram Stories” option in the share sheet. This option generates a preview of that post for Instagram, similar to a feature that already exists on Twitter.

Those running the latest version of the Reddit app available will also find a new shortcut for sharing a post after taking a screenshot from the app. “A one-tap screenshot-sharing experience that allows users to share content without saving images to their device,” the company explained in a blog post.

Also according to Reddit, the sharing options available before were “outdated” and required “multiple steps.” The new features will make it easier and faster to share Reddit posts on other social platforms “without compromising their Reddit identity.”

For publishers, Reddit is also introducing a new toolbox to embed and display content from the social network on other platforms.

The end of free third-party clients

A few weeks ago, Reddit announced that it has been considering significant changes to its API, which gives developers access to the platform’s content. The company said it may soon charge developers for its API to compensate for lost advertising revenue when users access Reddit through third-party apps.

As a result, this would probably result in the end of free third-party Reddit clients. The official Reddit app is available for free on the App Store.

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