I’ve upgraded my keyboard’s escape key in ridiculous fashion – and I’ve never been happier

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Custom artisan kermit the frog keycap

My journey into the realms of mechanical keyboard customization has been well documented here at iMore – but now I’ve gone a step into what some might call the absurd. A custom resin escape key.

The world of keyboard customization is fascinating and far too addictive for a compulsive person like me. Since modding my Keychron Q1, I added a custom cable, an expensive addition on which I’ll go into more detail at another time. Now, with my new escape key, I’ve found myself within the halls of the true enthusiast; where things aren’t there to make the typing experience better, but only to enhance the look of the keyboard. Custom keycaps can make a keyboard more fun to use, yes, but come on. How often do you use your escape key?

Custom resin keycaps

(Image credit: S-Craft Studio)

Keycaps for your mechanical keyboard can get ridiculously expensive; I should know, I spent far too much on my base set of keycaps from the top-of-the-range brand GMK. Custom artisan keycaps take the customization a step further, allowing you to add some of the most ridiculous and beautifully designed keycaps to your keyboard for that extra bit of jazz.

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