Google’s AI Test Kitchen adds ‘MusicLM’ text-to-music creator [U]

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Google's AI Test Kitchen adds 'MusicLM' text-to-music creator [U]

Ahead of I/O 2023 kicking off, Google has updated its AI Test Kitchen app with a neat “MusicLM” demo.

Update: The new AI Test Kitchen is now available on iOS, as well as the web. You can sign-up for the waitlist here.

Original 5/10: You can “Describe any musical ideas and hear it come to life with Al.” For example:

  • Create a melody for ambient music I can study to
  • Create a soulful jazz song for a dinner party
  • Create an industrial techno sound that is hypnotic

Google says you can be “very descriptive” with this generator. You can specify instruments like electronic or classical, as well as the “vibe, mood, or emotion” you’re aiming for. 

However, “Certain queries that mention specific artists or include vocals will not be generated.”

It takes a few seconds for your prompt to generate. You get two or so options with a waveform and the ability to download your creation from the overflow menu. Google asks you to rate which one is better to improve the MusicLM model. 

Google previously announced the underlying technology in January:

MusicLM casts the process of conditional music generation as a hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling task, and it generates music at 24 kHz that remains consistent over several minutes.

AI Test Kitchen was announced last I/O with a gradual rollout starting in August. A “Season 2” was announced in the fall with text-to-image generators, but that has yet to launch, with company plans likely changing. The first wave of Imagine It, List IT, and Talk About It (Dogs Edition) demos are gone today.

This MusicLM update is live on Android and AI Test Kitchen also gets a more text-heavy (appropriately icon) to replace the previous oven motif.

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