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Premiere Pro adds GIF transparency and hardware encoding

Adobe has officially updated Premiere Pro with text-based video editing. After a period of time in the beta version throughout this year, Adobe announced last month that the feature would be coming to Premiere Pro in May, and this past week that update became available.

AI-Powered transcript generation

The feature works using Adobe’s Sensei machine learning, which they have used for transcript generation for while. Now, in addition to automatically creating a transcript of all your video files to use in closed or open captions, Premiere allows you to perform edits on your A-Roll simply by removing portions of the text.

In analyzes the audio tracks for each word and marks out longer pauses with ellipses, which you can hover over to show the exact length. Cutting down your A-Roll into a rough draft is a simple as cutting out portions of the text or removing the silences from the transcript, and those same changes are immediately reflected in your timeline.

The product from the text-based editing will still require some fine tuning for the exact timing, in addition to all your usual audio and color improvement and adding B-Roll, but it can be a massive time-saver when working through lots of footage.

Mouse improvements, iPhone cinematics & more

While text-based editing was by far the largest feature this release, there are a few other improvements for those in the Apple ecosystem. Adobe improved support for Apple Trackpads and the Magic Mouse, leading to smoother scrolling. It’s a minor change, but a welcome one! Adobe also added support for cinematic clips shot on iPhone’s cinema mode.

There are several other more quality of life improvements in the latest version of Premiere. While auto-save has always been an essential feature, it would always pop up in front of your project while you’re working, taking you away from your work every time it saved. Now, Premiere’s autosave happens in the background, so it doesn’t disrupt your workflow. And, finally, Adobe expanded transcription support to include Danish.

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