Eve releases Eve Shutter Switch and a next-gen Eve Flare with Thread support

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Eve releases Eve Shutter Switch and a next-gen Eve Flare with Thread support

Eve, the popular HomeKit vendor, has unveiled two long-awaited products: the new Eve Shutter Switch and the next generation of Eve Flare with Thread support, a portable, HomeKit-compatible LED lamp. The Eve Shutter Switch is only available in select European markets, while the Eve Flare is available in the US as well.

What’s new about the upgraded Eve Flare?

With wireless charging and six hours of battery life, the Eve Flare is designed to go with you from your bedroom to your balcony and even outside for evening picnics. It has a durable casing with IP65 water resistance and a carry-and-hang handle, so it’s easy to use regardless of the weather. You can control it via the Eve app, Home app, or Siri. You can also set timers, automations, or scenes to let Eve Flare come to life on its own through HomeKit automations.

Eve Flare

For an indoor/outdoor light, Eve Flare is a fantastic option for the summer. It can easily light up your picnic table, porch, or tent. While it won’t last all night, it certainly can power up your evening. This new version adds Thread support for a faster and more responsive lighting experience over Homekit.

Eve Shutter Switch

Eve Shutter Switch, now available in Germany, Austria, and Benelux, can automate your roller shutter and offer a new level of convenience. Eve Shutters store schedules and adapt to your daily routine independently, eliminating the need for a home hub, iPhone, or internet connection. With the Eve app’s Adaptive Shading function, your rooms will automatically darken during the day, aligning with the position of the sun. The hyperlocal programming, based on your window’s orientation and location, is handled by the Eve Shutter Switch. Eve Shutter Switch supports both Bluetooth and Thread technologies. Acting as a router node, it relays data packets from other Thread accessories, thereby enhancing the stability and range of your smart home network.

9to5Mac’s Take

The next-generation Eve Flare will be an instant purchase for me. I loved the previous model as a battery-powered light for outdoor activities. It has a much nicer ambiance than using my porch’s overhead lights. Thread-enabled devices continue to be the most reliable ones in my HomeKit environment, so I am always excited when its added to an existing product. It can be purchased via Amazon or directly from Eve.

While I can’t use the new Eve Shutter Switch as it’s not available in the US, it can be purchased from Amazon or directly from Eve. It does look like an incredibly compelling product with built-in automation.

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