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Pixelmator team launches Photomator for Mac

After a stint as an iOS exclusive, Photomator (nee Pixelmator Photo) is launching as a Mac app today. The app is aimed at streamlining common photographer workflows, with sophisticated color adjustments, batch editing abilities, and AI-enhanced editing tools.

Photomator is priced at $4.99 per month, $29.99 per year or a $99 lifetime unlock. Download Photomator from the Mac App Store. If you already pay for Photomator on iPad and iPhone, you can use the Mac app at no extra charge.

Today’s launch means the Pixelmator team now actively maintain two Mac apps, Pixelmator Pro and Photomator. If you aren’t sure how to distinguish between them, check out the comparison chart on the Pixelmator site for a visual breakdown of all the features available in each app.

In a way, Photomator includes a subset of Pixelmator Pro features with some additions that are focused on what the working photographer needs.

For example, Photomator for Mac features a new filmstrip UI element, allowing the user to easily navigate between photos taken in a session, whereas Pixelmator Pro revolves around a more traditional one-document-at-a-time model.

Photomator has support for more than 600 file formats, concluding Apple ProRAW. Edit images with comprehensive color adjustment tools and filters, including making partial changes with selections. AI selection tools let you easily isolate the subject, or background, in an image.

You can also make manual selections with a brush, or use gradient masks. Other AI-powered features include intelligent auto-crop, advanced noise reduction, Super Resolution upscaled and more.

Find out more about Photomator on the developer’s website.

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