Which 8BitDo controller should you buy? Ultimate 2.4g, Lite SE, Pro 2, SN30 Pro+ and SN30 Pro compared

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8BitDo controllers on a wooden floor with an iPad playing games

If you’re not ready to stump up the cash for an official Xbox or PlayStation controller, 8BitDo has long been a superb go-to third party choice for gamers. Offering loads of configurations, sizes and wide-ranging console and mobile compatibility, 8BitDo’s controllers are always well built, well priced and slickly designed, usually with a welcome nod to retro controllers of old.

However, compatibility with Apple devices has in the past been a bit patchy. But a recent upgrade to the best 8BitDo controllers out there means that you’re now able to get some cracking pads that’ll play as nicely with an iPad or Apple TV 4K as they will an Xbox or PC.

But with so many styles and sizes to choose from, which is right for you? Well, there’s an 8BitDo pad for everyone it seems, from the high-end 8BitDo Ultimate 2.4g to the pocket-friendly 8BitDo Lite SE. Read on to find out which controller should fuel your next Apple Arcade session.

(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future)

8BitDo Ultimate 2.4g wireless controller with charging dock

For those that want the very best


Compatibility: iOS, macOS, iPadOS, tvOS, Xbox, Windows, SteamOS, Raspberry Pi, Android, Nintendo Switch

Weight: 236g

Rear paddles: Yes

Button layout style: Xbox

Reasons to buy


Rechargeable battery


Multiple connection options


Excellent charging cradle


Great build quality

Reasons to avoid

More expensive

Non-removable battery

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