Exclusive: First iPhone 16 Pro Max CADs visualize rumored larger display

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Exclusive: First iPhone 16 Pro Max CADs visualize rumored larger display

We are still months away from the iPhone 15’s expected launch in September, but 9to5Mac has already seen very early information about next year’s iPhone 16 series. 

The iPhone 15 Pro has been widely rumored to be a significant upgrade, and we are expecting to see a new rounder-edged design, a titanium frame, camera upgrades, and of course, USB-C. Next year, however, Apple is reportedly planning to increase the screen sizes of both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max.

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iPhone 16 Ultra

While it looks like the iPhone 15 Pro Max will forgo the “Ultra” branding, the iPhone 16 Pro series may adopt it. This would align with what Apple did with the Apple Watch Ultra last year.

As seen in CADs shared with 9to5Mac from Sonny Dickson, the larger iPhone 16 Pro model, possibly called iPhone 16 Ultra, will carry a roughly 6.9” screen, and the entire body will grow significantly. The device is taller, but thankfully, only slightly wider, as the iPhone 14 Pro Max is already difficult to hold with one hand. 

These CADs show how Apple is planning to increase the screen size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max, while keeping the overall form factor as close to the same as physically possible.

iPhone 15 Pro Max on left, iPhone 16 Pro Max on right


iPhone 16 Ultra (approximated)

  • Width: 77.2 mm
  • Height: 165.0mm
  • Screen Size: 6.9”

iPhone 15 Pro Max (approximated)

  • Width: 76.7mm
  • Height: 159.8mm
  • Screen Size: 6.7”

iPhone 16 Pro

Both Ming-Chi Kuo and the ever-so-reliable Ross Young reported that the smaller model would also grow, with Young saying ~6.3” would be the screen size. This larger display will also enable Apple to fit a periscope zoom lens in the smaller iPhone 16 Pro, which will, unfortunately, be missing from the smaller iPhone 15 Pro this year. 

It’s early…

At this point, multiple reputable sources have corroborated that the iPhone 16 Pro lineup will include larger displays. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that we are well over a year away from the iPhone 16 Pro’s release, and very little is finalized. Any information seen this early should be regarded with skepticism.

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