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Mac Studio VS Mac mini

Apple’s Mac mini and Mac Studio are two of the best small form factor computers you can buy right now, let alone the best Macs, but while on the outside they look similar, they are actually very different – and this means that choosing the right one for your needs is incredibly important.

The Mac Studio, as the name suggests, is a powerful product that excels at heavy-duty creative workloads. This means it’s fitted with some of the most powerful hardware Apple has ever made, including the M1 Ultra in some configurations, which is essentially two already very powerful M1 Max chips connected together to make one giant all-powerful chip.

As a workstation aimed at creative professionals, it comes with a price tag to match – you’re looking at a $1,999 starting price for the M1 Max version, with the M1 Ultra model costing a huge $3,999.

M2 Mac mini on a wooden desk

(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future)

The Mac mini, meanwhile, continues to be the best value way to get into Apple’s ecosystem, and the latest model comes at a much more affordable starting price of $599. While it doesn’t offer the same level of performance as the Mac Studio, it boasts some of Apple’s latest hardware, including the new M2 and M2 Pro chips, and that ultra-low price makes it a supremely tempting purchase.

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