Here’s which provider offers the fastest broadband internet in the US

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Here's which provider offers the fastest broadband internet in the US

Opensignal is out today with a report focused on the US fixed broadband experience. Along with revealing the national winners for download speed, upload speed, consistency, and more, the study shows how providers stack up in regional markets and head-to-head comparisons.

Opensignal published its May 2023 USA Fixed Broadband Experience Report this morning. The firm notes that all of the providers included in the study “provide services in at least four out of five regions and also pass at least one million homes.”

The study also includes all broadband options: Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (telcos), cable companies, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) providers, overbuilders, rural co-op initiatives — and the major low-earth orbit satellite broadband provider, Starlink.

Fastest download speed for US broadband internet

Verizon’s Fios (FTTH – fiber to the home) took the crown for the fastest average broadband download with 157.6 Mbps.

AT&T’s fiber took second place with 140.2 with Google Fiber coming in third at 139.6 Mbps. Spectrum and Cox came in close behind at 137.3 and 131.5 Mbps.

Verizon and T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet (FWA) came in the middle of the pack with 85.3 and 81.2 Mbps, respectively. The lowest scores came from non-fiber to the home service from the smaller providers.

For average broadband upload speeds, Google Fiber and AT&T were able to edge out Verizon.

Google Fiber scored 106.9 compared to AT&T at 96.3 and 94.3 Mbps.

For consistency, Verizon took top honors with Frontier and Google coming in second and third:

And for video experience, Google just beat out Verizon by half a point:

Opensignal also did some interesting “Head-to-Head” comparisons. One was T-Mobile 5G Home Internet (FWA) vs a range of traditional providers. The firm notes it performed well and even beat out Frontier non-fiber and CenturyLink non-fiber in all four categories:

For a detailed look at all the head-to-head comparisons, regional results, and more, check out the full report from Opensignal.

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