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Peloton launches freemium app with new membership tiers

Today, Peloton is launching its new freemium app. Alongside several new membership tiers, a new strength feature called “Peloton Gym,” and the release of rowing classes to members – we have a lot to dig into.

This app relaunch is part of Peloton’s effort to be seen as “more than a bike company,” which based on Peloton’s most recent financial report, seems to very much be the case. Last quarter, over half of the workouts taken on Peloton were not cycling related.

Peloton’s app relaunch seems heavily based on this fact, which three new tiers of membership. This means that Peloton now has fiver different membership types when you include the existing All Access Membership (for hardware owners) and Guide Membership (for Guide owners). The three new digital tiers include:

Peloton App Free – The free tier of the Peloton app will currently provide more than 50 classes chosen across 12 of Peloton’s modalities. This tier will also include a set of rotating featured classes that will be refreshed on an ongoing basis.

Peloton App One – $12.99 per month, $129 per year. This tier will provide unlimited access to thousands of classes across nine of Peloton’s 16 modalities, including Strength, Meditation, Outdoor Walking, Yoga, and more in addition to all of the classes included with the free tier. App One Members will also be allowed to take up to three hardware-based classes per month (Cycling/Tread/Row).

Peloton App+ – $24 per month, $240 per year. The App+ tier allows for unlimited access to the entire Peloton library (not including Lanebreak or Scenic classes). This tier includes access to all equipment-based cardio classes to take on any indoor bike, treadmill, or rower. Yup, the content made for the Peloton Row will now be available on the app!

Peloton Gym

Alongside these changes, Peloton is also launching a new features called “Peloton Gym,” which will be available across all membership tiers, Peloton gives Members what they need to meet their strength goals anywhere they want to work out.

Peloton Gym workouts are essentially strength workouts that you can follow along to at your own pace without coached instruction. Each part of the workout is written-out, alongside demos for movement.

So now, it should be much easier to follow along to some Peloton strength routines no matter where you are. Especially at a gym, this new strength format should be much easier for members to follow along to.

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Connect The Watts’ Take

These changes Peloton have made are definitely a mix of both good and bad news for members. With a free version of the Peloton app, the new Peloton Gym feature, and finally access to rowing content, a lot of members should be excited.

Those who likely won’t be quite as excited are the current Peloton digital members. For this group, they will need to upgrade their membership (which is double the cost), or lose access to the cycling and tread classes they had previously.

I’ve also been testing out the new Peloton Gym feature for the past week. It is a nice feature that I am sure will be well received by Peloton members. That said, in its current state, it feels very much incomplete.

Typically for features like the Peloton Gym, you would expect to be able to record and track your weights, make adjustments to the reps you completed, and often be able to customize your own strength routines. None of that is available here. You just see the Peloton strength workout written, swipe when you complete it, and move on to the next section.

The workouts on Peloton Gym are very similar to regular Peloton strength workouts. If you are a fan of that type of training, you’ll like it. If not, there is nothing new to see here.

The good thing is that Peloton does say they will be taking members feedback to develop and add more functionality to this feature over time.

What do you think of the new Peloton app features? Let us know in the comments below!

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