Figma just launched its own Freeform app for iPad with FigJam

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Figma just launched its own Freeform app for iPad with FigJam

Apple left it to third-party developers to create whiteboard apps on iPad for years. Then it made one out of the blue called Freeform in iPadOS 16. iPhone and Mac versions put the collaborative app on more devices.

Yet Figma has had enough success in the market of collaborative whiteboard tools that Adobe wants to buy the company for $20 billion. While that deal appears to be in jeopardy due to regulatory concerns abroad, Figma’s interest in the iPad as a tool is clear and certain.

The company just dropped a new tool for iPad called FigJam that puts a Figma spin on the Freeform idea. FigJam is Figma’s whiteboarding space, introduced in 2021. Now the online whiteboard for teams is directly on the iPad.

Figma already has a dedicated app for iPad, and it sounds like an upcoming version will introduce more of the core Figma features to iPadOS.

In the meantime, FigJam for iPad is here to inspire users to create.

FigJam enables real-time collaboration on whiteboards for free for unlimited contributors. Tools for sketching, note-taking, and pulling in media are also available, and the app has the sort of polish you’d expect from Figma.

Aside from existing in the Figma ecosystem, FigJam’s biggest leg up against Freeform and other whiteboard apps is the huge library of planning and personal project templates.

And while the name FigJam is a lovely play on Figma’s fruitful name, “Jam” doesn’t only allude to what you put on toast. FigJam also includes a collaborative music listening experience right inside the app.

You can start FigJammin’ for free on the iPad starting today.

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