Kaleidoscope file comparison tool gets major update to version 4

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Kaleidoscope file comparison tool gets major update to version 4

Kaleidoscope is a powerful macOS app that lets users easily compare the differences between files and folders, which is quite useful for developers. This week, Kaleidoscope was updated to version 4.0, which comes with multiple new features such as syntax coloring, new merge options, and text filtering.

What’s new with Kaleidoscope 4?

Kaleidoscope 4 comes almost two years after the release of Kaleidoscope 3, which introduced a new dark mode interface and native support for Apple Silicon Macs. With version 4, users can compare files even more quickly and easily, thanks to Kaleidoscope Prism. It lets you start a new comparison with a single click in the macOS Menu Bar, even when the app is not running.

The new version of the app also adds syntax coloring for easier review and more text filter options to hide nonessential data in a comparison, such as time stamps, object addresses, and unique identifiers.

With Kaleidoscope 4, users can also transform any comparison into a merge document that can be edited in line. There’s also debugger integration for Python developers, metadata such as file type, size, dates, and encoding in the file properties, and a new welcome window that speeds up the processes of creating new comparisons or finding recent ones.

“Like our customers, we rely on Kaleidoscope to do our work, which means we have a long-term commitment to its continued improvement. And when we add all these new features, like syntax coloring and text filters, we make our own jobs easier—and more fun,” said Christopher Atlan, CEO of Leitmotif.

One important detail about Kaleidoscope 4 is that the app is now based on a subscription model. Prices start at $8 per month for the annual plan, with 50% off the first year for current customers who want to upgrade. More details can be found on the Kaleidoscope website.

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