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Top tips for aspiring writers

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Have you ever wondered if you could turn your journaling hobby into a career? Do you have something important to say or an incredible story to tell the world? Today, technology makes it easy for us to become actual published authors.

How Do You Become a Successful Writer?

Writers are a dime and a dozen. That doesn’t mean that you can’t stand out. As long as you go about things the right way and have a creative storytelling skill, you’ll go far in this field.

Confused about where to start? Let’s break down the top tips that will turn your hobby into a lifelong career.

Make Writing a Daily Habit

Some writers make it a point to complete a chapter a day. Others try to reach a specific word count. Do what works for you. You’ll never finish your book if you break the habit of writing. Everyone gets writer’s block – that’s inevitable.

However, if you allocate a few hours out of your day to your literary masterpiece, you’ll see progress. That matters a lot in this field.

Read as Much as You Can

Chances are that if you’re interested in writing a book, you read a lot. Now, you just have to be purposeful with the literature you devour. Don’t just check out the same author or genre. Branch out and fall in love with the countless writing styles out there.

Whether it’s humor, romance, mystery, or the thrill of the chase, every story should find its way onto your bookshelf.

Determine Your Style

Now that you’re familiar with a diverse set of authors and writing styles, it’s time to discover what makes you special. Are you a chick lit enthusiast or someone who tells excellent horror mysteries? And don’t be afraid to experiment.

The whole point is finding your authentic voice. There’s no reason to sound like you’re shadow writing for another well-known author. Go for originality on all fronts!

Do the Research

Whatever you write about, research is essential. Take the example of historical fiction. You should know what life was like at a certain period of time. What were the clothes like? How did they go about their day? Did they speak in a peculiar way? Accuracy isn’t something negligible. Resources abound on the internet. Access to geo-blocked content may require reliable residential IPs, so keep that in mind!

Review Your Writing

As remarkable of an author as you are, you won’t be able to produce a bestseller from the first draft. That’s why you need a dedicated editor by your side. They’ll review your work and tell you how to improve it. You need that fresh set of eyes to examine your pages.

If you don’t have an editor, find a freelancer. They charge by the hour or number of words.

Understand That It’s Okay to Fail

If you launch a book that doesn’t generate as much attention as you hoped, don’t give up. Some of today’s most successful authors didn’t experience booming sales figures overnight. Luckily, they didn’t give up. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy masterpieces like Harry Potter and Dr. Seuss!

Writing is an ongoing process, and mistakes are part of it. The point is to learn from them.

Focus on Your Goals

Distraction is a major issue in writing, and that’s why you won’t succeed in your endeavor if you allow it to permeate your day. As writing is generally a solo pursuit, you won’t have someone holding you accountable. Therefore, you need to realize what’s important and remove all potential obstructions.

That means finding an optimal place to write, be it an office or a cafe, and turning off your mobile notifications.

Get in Touch With Other Writers

As mentioned before, writing is mostly a solo journey. However, that doesn’t imply you need to walk it alone. Both online and offline, you’ll find groups, platforms, and events dedicated to this field. Don’t shy away from participating! You’ll find it very interesting how many like-minded folks you’ll meet.

These meetings will surely come to fruition when you need advice or publishing contacts.

Stay Passionate

If you don’t love writing, there’s no point getting into it. Despite being frustrating at times, you’ll find this career path extremely rewarding.

The chance to find your voice and tell a story is something invaluable. In a way, you’re cementing your place in history. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? You can always build your writing skills, but you won’t feel the hunger or need to proceed if the passion isn’t there.

Why Are You Doing This?

So there you have it – the best tips for the blossoming author in you. Take them to heart, and if you can, print them out! Read them whenever you feel the need for encouragement.

Most importantly, always remember your “why.” Figure out your reason for choosing to be a writer, and let that be your guiding beacon!

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