Apple has lost its sense of humor – what happened to the fun keynotes?

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Tim Cook, Craig with the good hair, and Tim Cook all getting ready to have a massive party

Apple has always been divisive – make no bones about it. You’ll likely never see Apple and ‘widespread appeal’ mentioned in the same sentence – and that’s ok. Apple is designed for a specific group of people, and while sometimes some products spill into the hands of the mainstream, like the best iPhones, there is still a cliquey quality to its products.

But being a part of the Apple club has meant something different in recent years. Before, it was all about ‘I love the equipment not just because it’s really good, but because the company behind it isn’t dry and boring.’ There was a sense of community around the company, as if an Apple user was part of an exclusive, invite-only VIP room. Now, using Apple stuff doesn’t really set you apart from anyone using anything else – you are but a consumer of expensive electronics, just as someone buying a Microsoft Surface device or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

The keynote problem

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Nowhere is this more evident than in Apple’s keynotes. Once upon a time, they were something to look forward to – not just because you would see new stuff, but because you wanted to engage with the company itself. They were funny, at times self-deprecating, but also easy to follow, with those presenting putting across character; not just a product.

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